Born in the Year of the Tiger

Born in the Year of the Tiger

The tiger is a fault finder and a rebel. He’s a hot head always revolting against authority and his superiors … the stuff of which revolutionaries are made. He’s the ringleader type – but unfortunately, as so often happens with leaders, he doesn’t always merit the confidence placed in him. He’s the one who’s the first to cry “Let’s go!” but in business, as in love and war, the prudent will think a little before following him back.

For those who follow the tiger may find themselves heading for catastrophe. He’s the all-time brinkman, and sometimes he pursues hi taste for foolhardiness and risk to the limits of recklessness and irresponsibility.

It is difficult, all the same, to resist him, for he is a magnetic character and his natural air of authority confers a certain prestige on him. People automatically respect him – even

those working against him. Which is just as well, for the tiger likes being obeyed but hates himself to obey. Nobody dare to tell him where to get off.

But if ever he manages to think before he acts, if he can bring himself to listen to good advice the tiger can become an enormous success.

A fighter, violent and daring, he is capable of standing up for what he thinks is right = to the bitter end. He is obstinate and stubborn, contentious and often mean, always quarrelling with someone. But although he is selfish in the little things, he is capable of great generosity, even of altruism, in the larger. Within his own terms, he is narrow-minded, and he trust nobody.

The tiger is always in the lead. He distrusts the status quo, he is against established authority, he is contemptuous of those who play it safe. Paradoxically, though, he can sometimes draw back when he is faced with and important decision and hesitate until it is too late.

In fact this warrior is sensitive, emotional, and drawn towards introspection. He is capable of great love, but he becomes too intense about it and his affairs are rarely happy. The female tiger will have numerous adventures – and all too often they will end even badly.

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