Bread Rolls

Bread Rolls

Makes 12


15 g fresh yeast or 2 tsp. dried yeast and ½ teaspoon sugar

150 ml lukewarm milk

350 whole wheat flour

1 tsp. salt

25 g soft butter

1 egg, beaten


Blend yeast with milk; for dried yeast add sugar too and leave for 10-15 minutes to froth. Combine flour and salt in large bowl, rub in butter. Add yeast liquid and egg; mix to a dough. Knead 5 – 10 minutes. Put dough in bowl, cover and leave until doubled in bulk: 1 hour in a warm place. Knock back, knead lightly; then divide into 12 pieces and form into rounds. Place 2.5 cm apart on greased baking sheet, cover and put in warm place for 30 minutes, until very puffy. Bake rolls at 220 C, gas mark 7 for 20 minutes. Cool on wire rack.

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