Breeds of House Cat

How to Choose from the Many Breeds of House Cats

Is it time for a new pet for your family? If the answer is yes, and if a cat is on your mind, there are plenty of breeds of house cats that you can choose from. And while you can go for a pet that will come with a pedigree, there are plenty of breeds of house cats that may not come with registration papers, but will make a wonderful family pet all the same. These types of cats generally go by different classifications than the pedigreed cats do, but rest assured that there are many distinctive and identifiable breeds of house cats that you can choose from.

breeds of house cat

breeds of house cat
breeds of house cat

Veterinarian Classifications

When a cat cannot be identifies into a specific breed of house cat, veterinarians have their own way of classifying these creatures. A “DSH” stands for a domestic short-haired cat, “DLH” refers to a domestic long-haired cat and the “DMH” is (you guessed it!) a domestic cat with medium-length hair. Your cat may also be referred to as a mixed breed if there are specific features that can be identified with a specific breed. Another interesting classification for breeds of house cats is the “polydactyl” cats, or the Hemingway cats. This name refers to cats that have extra toes, and many of these creatures were owned by the author, Ernest Hemingway. Because they indiscriminately bred, you can still find descendents of these cats today.

Color Patterns

Another way that breeds of house cats are classified is through their color patterns or markings. Tabbies are one of the oldest and most popular breeds of house cats around today. These cats can be identified through their stripes and spots, although some may have additional markings like bibs or boots. These cats are also sometimes known as tiger kitties for obvious reasons. Tabbies can come in a number of hues, including orange, grey and tan. Calico cats are always orange, black and white, although some will have faded versions of these shades and are known as “diluted” calicos. These cats can have quite beautiful coats with blocks of color throughout.

Another popular breed of house cat is the tortoiseshell, which takes the same three shades and weaves it throughout the coat, creating a tapestry effect. Usually tortoiseshell cats do not have much white on them, although a few will have some small white markings. It is interesting to note that most tri-color cats like the calicos and tortoiseshells are usually female. There are other breeds of house cats that are bi-colored, and these will generally come under patterns like the tuxedo cat and the bi-colored cat. Some cats will also only have points, like ears or paws, which are marked in a contrasting color. With the large variety of breeds of house cats available today, you are sure to find a family pet that is unique and beautiful.

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