Breyer Collectable Porcelain Horses

Kathleen Moody’s Colorful And Hand Decorated Horse in Costume Series

Not only do I love having horses in my barn, but I like them inside my house too. Not the eating and pooping kind, but a pretty-to-look-at kind. I love to surround myself with those things that I love.

Kathleen Moody is a phenomenal artist who has created animal sculptures for DaBar Enterprises, Safari and Hartland, in addition to her better known Breyer horses. The majority of her horses are resin and handpainted. From 1995 to 1999 she released the Premier Series of Horses in Authentic Costume.

These beautiful horses are not resin but very breakable fine porcelain. The colors and detail are stunning. I showcase mine in a display case, which also helps to minimize dust and keep them glowing.

There are six figurines, each released originally with a limited edition of 2500 pieces. Each individual piece is numbered. When collecting I like to acquire pieces with the original Certificate Of Authenticity and original box and packaging. The horses are in the traditional breyer horse size which is measures about 6-8 inches tall and 8-10 inches long. The six horses are:

Photo courtesy  of AMS Collector Shop
Photo courtesy of AMS Collector Shop

1995 Arabian Mare in traditional Arabian Costume

Mold #79195

Light Gray With Gray Shaded Body, Tail, Mane And Legs. Prancing with an expressive eye.

Photo courtesy  of AMS Collector Shop
Photo courtesy of AMS Collector Shop

1996 All American Saddlebred in Parade Costume

Mold #79196

Dark palomino with cream shaded mane and tail, stockings, blaze, silver hooves, silver and black costume with red roses and red and blue ribbons. The tapaderos are separate pieces.

1996 Circus Ponies

Mold # 79296

Two horses for the price of one. A rearing white horse and a bowing white horse with red plumes. I've seen these in palomino color also.

1997 Great Horse in Armor

Mold #79197

1998 Si-Ce-Ca Shon'ge "Family Horse"

Mold #79198

The Indian pony In native regalia, carrying an Indian papoose.

1999 Household Calvery Drum Horse

Mold #79199

The Drum Horse is the most popular and unique member of the British Life Guards regiment. A Gypsy Vanner type black and white horse with leg feathers, portrays confidence and style.

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Potato Richardson 8 years ago

Do you know of any Endurance horses that are featured? I know Beverly Gray spoke of her horse being a model for Breyer a horse, I think.

LeslyeAnn profile image

LeslyeAnn 8 years ago from Yoncalla , Oregon Author

Omner was released as a resin traditional size Breyer horse in 2000-2001. You can read about him on Beverly Gray's website at

If you are interested in purchasing the Breyer horse, again, ebay is a good place to start. And there are numerous Breyer sellers on the web. You could probably even outfit him with endurance tack!

Endurance is a challenging sport! Thanks for your comment.

Sandra Couch 6 years ago

do you know what all these horses are worth? I have all these in mint condition and the boxes to go with them.

LeslyeAnn 6 years ago

The best thing you can do is look at what they are selling for on ebay...

eva hensley 4 years ago

How made breyer porcelain islandic horses were made. I have one in mint condition bur i do not know how many were made since he was the first in the porcelain series.

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