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This morning I woke up early, headed out to pick up my friend Steve, and went to a Scandinavian food restaurant, Broder (2508 SE Clinton St.Portland, OR 97255(503) 736-3333). We went for breakfast. This place is beautiful, minimal, cute. I liked the fact that the lighting structure overhead looked like branches of a tree. The place had very nice wait staff, interesting glassware, and an overall good feel to it.

The food itself was OK. I would give the food a 2.5 out of 5. Since I’m a vegetarian, this may be the cause of the low rating. Most of the food somehow involved ham, or some other meat. There were a couple of choices for Vegetarians, which usually isn’t a problem at a restaurant that serves mostly meat dishes. I ordered the baked egg plate with acorn squash and walnut toast. The toast was the best part of it. Steve got the trout scramble a potato pancake, and walnut toast. He seemed to really like his meal. The only problem was, an hour or so later he was starving. I was a bit hungry myself. The portions are small and the price is a little high for what you get.

If you are craving a nice European meal with great ambience I would check out Broder, but do not arrive starving and expect a big meal.

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Steve 9 years ago


(I've heard lunch & dinner are more substantial. I'd like to try it)

not so good 8 years ago

crappy food, bad service, smell of dog poop.

thats all i have to say.

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