Building on a Budget Book Review

In his book, Building on a Budget, internet marketing millionaire Mike Dillard reveals several methods that enable network marketers, internet marketers, and other internet business owners to successfully build income while operating on a budget of $500 or less.

Well-known for his own rags-to-riches story, Dillard shares techniques that reveal how he went from waiting tables to being a millionaire in less than two years.

Building on a Budget addresses some of the inexpensive ways that network marketers and internet business owners can increase their results.

Using five chapters, each covering a specific technique, Dillard gives very simple explanations of how to incorporate the steps into multiple types of businesses.

In the first chapter of the book, Dillard creates a mock company and demonstrates some of the thought processes that should be going through the minds of internet business owners.

Of key importance is the idea of turning traffic to the website into leads, which will eventually generate income. After giving several examples of ways traffic can converted and displaying a sample capture page, Dillard promptly gives some of the numbers associated with having success to point out that it may take many visitors to get a favorable amount of leads.

Chapter two of the book discusses the popular free advertising site, Based on information retrieved from, is “the 60th most visited website in the world”.

Since there are so many people visiting the site, Dillard goes into detail about how to successfully post to the website. He includes screen shots of each step and provides links to sites that offer multiple listing services to increase the potential target market.-

Using video for all sorts of purposes has become the latest trend in the online community. In chapter 3 of Building on a Budget, Mike Dillard discusses using popular site YouTube to get the attention of a targeted audience and to drive them to your website. He recommends viewing the videos of Alex Mandossian, who is one of “the best examples” of using the site correctly to generate traffic.

The next chapter of Dillard’s book covers using press releases to get traffic and better search engine results. He discusses creating keyword-rich press releases that will rank high in the search engine results. Dillard also mentions using free and paid press release submission companies to get the word out to even more people.

Chapter five of the book involves blogging and some of the benefits that are created by using them for business. In this chapter, Dillard gives a short background on blogs and gives five reasons “why every business must have a blog”. The chapter goes further by giving the steps to setting up a blog and also the methods to “jumpstart traffic to your blog”.

The last chapter discusses funded proposals. This involves selling less expensive products to fund advertising and other expenses related the actual product or service that your business really wants to promote. Dillard goes into the benefits of a funded proposal and closes out the book by plugging his own funded proposal, the Magnetic Sponsoring system.

Building on a Budget definitely provides tremendous value in a simple and easy to understand way. Mike Dillard devotes an entire chapter to each of the business-building techniques that he teaches in the book. With a simple real-world example, he demonstrates exactly how each step could be implemented to increase the amount of traffic and qualified leads that are generated in the network or internet marketing businesses.

Although the book has the feel of a simple manual, Mike utilizes each page to tell it like it is. The steps in each chapter are laid out as plainly as they possibly could be and it is easy to see how to apply them to most businesses. Also, there are screenshots that display examples of some of the techniques he mentions in the book including the capture page,, and video images from YouTube. While not every step involved in carrying out the processes mentioned in the book are given in detail, Mike does make a great effort to give directions on how to get some of the tasks underway or maybe even completed.

Building on a Budget is a short book, but its content is very valuable and easy to implement. While simply buying the book will not instantly make readers a wealthy network or internet marketer, the concepts contained in the book are definitely worth knowing and learning.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to build a successful business using online marketing strategies.

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