Burmese Cat Rescue

Burmese Cat Rescue Organizations Are Selective Saviors

Despite the large number of cat lovers in this world, many cats end up on the streets. This can lead to dreadful results for the animals—they could be injured, or worse. The grim prospects for Burmese cats and other cats have lead to the development of rescue groups for cats.

Yet, many cats continue to be killed in these shelters, including pure breeds. Thus, organizations such as Burmese cat rescue organizations have been established with the purpose of rescuing specific pure bred cats. These cats are kept until a safe home can be found for them.

burmese cat rescue

burmese cat rescue
burmese cat rescue

Babying The Burmese

Although rescue groups can be found for many breeds, one of the most common is Burmese cat rescue groups. This is because of the Burmese cat’s personality. Burmese cats are known for being too trusting and for having barely any survival instinct. Thus, the role of Burmese cat rescue groups is extremely important.

A Safety Net

How do Burmese cat rescue organizations work? Well, they don’t rescue the cats themselves. The role of the organization’s volunteers is to travel the many animal shelters in the area in an attempt to identify Burmese cats (or whichever other breed they might be looking for) in order to save them from being killed.

Once they have identified a specific breed, they bring the cats with them until they can be adopted. Purebred cats, such as Burmese cats that have been rescued, are more likely to be adopted than mixed breeds. This is because many people seek to enter purebred cats in animal shows, and others simply like the prestige of saying that they own a purebred cat!

Recognizing The Rarity

The Burmese breed is fairly rare, but it can still be difficult to recognize this breed at times. Many confuse it with the Siamese cat breed, though it can be differentiated from this cat breed by its lighter color. It is important for members of Burmese cat rescue teams to be able to recognize the distinct characteristics of a Burmese cat.

Burmese cats are medium sized, but they manage to pack a substantial amount of weight onto their frames. They have round heads, full faces, and large eyes. Their tails are of medium length, and their coats are known for being satin-like, short and fine.

Perhaps what would most allow Burmese cat rescue organizations to recognize the breed are their distinct colors. There are four colors that the CFA recognizes for Burmese cats: champagne, blue, sable, and platinum.

Here, Kitty Kitty!

Rescuing Burmese cats is a noble cause. Without breed-specific rescue organizations like these, many more cats would lose their lives.

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Comments 5 comments

dmilmerstadt 6 years ago

I would appreciate suggestions as to any & all sites I should be subscribing to, in my search to adopt a 'rescue' Burmese or Burmese-mix kitten/young cat within 100 miles of the Va-NC eastcoast border.

Dave Blumlo 5 years ago

Today we had to put to sleep our Burmese cat. We are looking to adopt a rescued cat.Within 100 miles of Asheville, nc

lorraine 5 years ago

Hello i am looking for two burmese kittens brother and sister if possible. They would be housed at my mums. My mum recently had to have her two dogs put to sleep and also her husband died she is lonely and said she would like a burmese. I live in South Australai she lives in Barnsdale Victoria. Mum is not rich so we dont want the most expencive type i have owned Burmese my self and they are the most enjoyable of any cat breed i have come accross. If you know of any in Victoria and you would be willing to part with two please let me know my email is glendale02@bigpond.com. Thank you.lorraine

Judy Miller 5 years ago

I have a pure bred Burmese, he is nuetered, 3 yrs old, very friendly, kept indoors. Platinum color. Looking for a home for him.

Bill Biggers 4 years ago

I've wanted a Sable/Chocolate Burmese all my life, have had 1 to 2 cats from age 1. I'm now 64 in two months. I'd love a kitten, and also a "retired" breeding cat would be great. My female tabby would probably like a male or female friend.

She is 11 months old, had all shots, spay and micro-chipped; If any of that is lacking in a Burmese, I'd be happy to get the deed done soon after he/she arrives.

I have a great and safe cat environment and would be almost a 24/7 companion (along with Pogo the Tabby) because I'm now disabled (can drive) and would adopt for LIFE. Cats that do not ordinarily like people take to me almost immediately.

I'm in Greenville, SC so the kitten/cat would have to be shipped by curier as so few Burmese are in this area. If allowed to have, I'll pay for full shipping, and remember I'm on Social Security Disability, so cannot afford most adoption fees. Again, I have budgeted for all the necessary care and beyond.

Please consider me. Thank you. Bill Biggers, williambiggers@gmail.com

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