Everything You Must Know Before Buying A Kitchen Counter Stool & Barstool

kitchen island chairs

Modern stool
Modern stool



Everyone enjoys having a sit on a stool, young and young at heart. Commercial or residential, either on a breakfast stool at a restaurant, at home in the dinning room, the barstool at the pub, the wooden stool at the library or on the patio bistro set... the good old chairs are always a winner


Armrest Backrest
Armrest Backrest


Barstool, counter chair, stepladder stool, bistro stool, mechanics stool, rolling stool, folding kitchen stepstool, corner stool, this type of furniture's are a great addition to your home

Kitchen stool

  Traditional chair
Traditional chair


Every style can be met, from today's contemporary style and sleek d├ęcor, without the darkness and clutter, almost on the same trend is the modern style with it's fresh clean lines that give a statement with vibrant colors, not to be mistaken with the bold statement of the retro style also known as the mid-century design with it's polished chrome, shiny vinyl, round corners sherbet-hued colors, for a more quiet atmosphere the traditional style of elegance,refined and comfortable of the 18th & 19th centuries. Then the old country style or rustic style look for ultimate charming timeless appeal to be closer to nature.


Manufacturers are now working hard to provide a wide selection of furniture in many styles with different materials to suit the demand like; wood old time favorite of all for it's durability, charm & economical. Can go for either traditional, rustic or modern. The cast iron, metal, aluminum, stainless steel are usually heavy duty for durability gives nice eye appeal and attractive. Also a great addition to your home especially for a retro or basement, child's room the plastic stool in it's vibrant colors. Many of the furniture mention above can go outside depending on the material used and the fabric.



You can find several heights for stools like the barstool height is approximately 29-inch to accommodates most counter heights as well as approximately 24-inch for the counter stool height accommodates most counter heights depending also on your Kitchen island height.

Height kitchen island bar

Fabrics, Shapes, forms and Colors


Materials used now for stools are known for long-lasting & good looks from upholstery, leather, distressed faux leather, vinyl, rattan some can be used either way in doors our outdoors side to harmonize any style and texture you love

You can find a variety of stools shapes like Corner, square, oval, circle, rectangular in many different forms, in millions of colors & textures.


When looking for a stool remember that they have many different features and depending on the look you want to achieve, you may take in consideration the variance of the stool perhaps; rolling or not rolling, with or without armrest,. Lot's of kitchen counter stools now are adjustable. Do you want to swivel at 360 degree, at 180 degree or not at all? A backrest offers extra comfort but the access may not be so easy depending on the swivel degree. Folding kitchen stepstool are very useful in a kitchen to access top shelves of cupboards. Are you looking for something weather resistant for outside like a bistro set?

aluminium steel wood

retro, contemporary, sleek, modern
retro, contemporary, sleek, modern

traditional, country

bistro set stool
bistro set stool

Tips to buy the best stool for your decor

Discount furniture for barstools, counter chairs, island stool and more can be found inexpensive if you do your research. 1 year warranty is typical and most often does not cover seat fabric. To help to protect the furniture or the floor foot rest with a rubber or feet with rubbers maybe a option. Perhaps, looking at the gauge of the steel structure for durability. Some furniture provides a rust-resistant finish. You may want to consider in the quality /prices for top quality for your money.

Custom swivel

mecanic stool
mecanic stool


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