Bye to HubPages

Thanks to any who have stopped by to read my stories

I have decided to delete my 2 Hubs and pull down my Toms Cabin HubPages site. I think I have upset Hubpages moderators and my hubs are not being fed to Google.

How I did this was by not having enough original content in my first 2 hubs. In my eagerness to earn millions through Adsense I published my Hubs too early. HubPages flagged this with me and I immediately and happily rewrote my articles using 50% of my own words in the first and 80% in the second.

However this was not enough and my 2 hubs were not being fed through. I should have spent more time early reading FAQ's such as the one linked below or reading Hubs on what works at Hubpages and what doesn't.

No Complaints

No complaints. I came to Hubpages to learn and earn and this exercise has taught me quite a lot.

The concept behind Toms Cabin was to find topics that I was either interested in myself or I thought would generate high internet traffic and write a light hearted and mildly humerous Hub about them. I love to poke fun at society and society's views. I think my second Hub did this successfully and the third one I was planning was shaping up nicely.

My only sadness was that the 2 hubs I put up in the end were a worthwhile read with pinch of humour and a degree of social comment. I would have put about fifteen hours into each and I was happy with the end result. I am sorry to loose them.

One nice thing was the amount of writer's pride I got out of writing at HubPages. Another nice thing about HubPages is that there seems to be a hard cord of worthwhile people here.

Good luck to all at HubPages and to Hubpages as well.

Like I said.

No Complaints

Post Script

For a number of reasons I put the 2 hubs back up again for a while. Most of the reasons were selfish.


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moonlake profile image

moonlake 8 years ago from America

Sorry to see you leave but sure understand why.

Toms Cabin profile image

Toms Cabin 8 years ago from Australia Author

Thanks Moonlake.

Deleting my hubs was a surprisingly difficult thing for me to do emotionally. It appears we get quite attached to what we write.

Thanks for the Bye.

ajcor profile image

ajcor 8 years ago from NSW. Australia

Toms Cabin - if you're unhappy - why don't you take your hubs and re use them somewhere else; like the lens pages. (I have only read about these but I think they work the same way as the hub pages) think of the visual of the frog in the beak of the huge bird shouting I will never never Give Up!

sorry you think you have to go! 81 for 1 hub is a pretty good score I think!

Toms Cabin profile image

Toms Cabin 8 years ago from Australia Author

Thanks ajcor.

I will investigate your suggestion.

I think Hubpages is a fine training ground to making money off the internet and I am certainly not complaining. The mistake was mine.

The purpose of this hub in part was to pass on information so that others do not make a similar mistake and in part to see if any readers could suggest an alternative.

Thankyou again for your input.


Just Jen 8 years ago

I'm trying to delete my hubs account and I can't! I was hoping you would have some information!

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