Numerous words or phrases in the English language can be used in different

contexts to mean entirely different things even though the spelling is the same.

For example, cold is chilly but it can also mean aloof, as in attitude. A board is

defined as a plank but it could be a governing body as well.

First class may be the first lesson or it could mean top of the grade or top

quality. Each clue is made up of two parts laid side by side.

Note the two parts to this clue, ..............Leased a fast time


Leased is one part that means LENT.

Lent is also the time six weeks before Easter when one fasts by obligation in

certain religions.

Punctuation is purposely omitted in cryptic crossword writing as a rule, you will

note that if the clue had a comma it would read quite differently ["leased, a

fast time"] It is easy to see that it now has two definitions as opposed to a

single phrase that confuses.

Study the following cryptograms and see how many you can solve. It will get

your brain in gear and add to the enjoyment of the exercise. The clues consist

of two parts.

Both parts are designed to give the different contexts that will lead you to the


Referring to the answers for the tough ones will adjust your thinking and

prepare you for similar clues when you come across them in future.


To help you with these clues the last letter of the solution is given


1. A lady’s partner is a rep. 1-4...T


2. Blow up an extension. 11……T


3. Hopeless – lacking purpose. 2-3...E


4. Leaves on even terms 5……..S


5. Restrain a supporter. 4...M


6. Stands up for the top players 9…S


7. Music room 7 ….. R


8. Criticize the fish. 4…P


9. Widespread colors. 8...D


10. Foolhardy outbreak. 4...H


11. Tastes punishments. 6...S


12. A girlfriend is blazing. 1-6...E


13. Enjoy good taste. 6...H


14. A way to gain admission 6…S


15. Cook a sort of stew. 5...T



1. A GENT for a lady’s partner. A rep = agent.


2. ENLARGEMENT for blow up. Enlargement is also an extension.


3. NO USE for hopeless as well as lacking purpose.


4. QUITS for both leaves and even terms.


5. STEM for restrain also a supporter.


6. CHAMPIONS for stands up for. The top players are also champions.


7. CHAMBER for music and describes a room as well.


8. CARP for criticize and the fish.


9. STANDARD for widespread and for colors.


10. RASH for foolhardy and for an outbreak.


11. SMACKS for tastes. Smacks are also punishments.


12. A FLAME for a girlfriend. Aflame is also blazing.


13. RELISH for enjoy and for good taste.


14. ACCESS for a way as well as to gain admission.


15. ROAST for cook. A roast also describes a sort of stew.






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crypticpro profile image

crypticpro 8 years ago from Author

Numerous words or phrases in the English language can be used in different

contexts to mean entirely different things even though the spelling is the same.

Lent could be leased,it could also be a time for fasting.

Mass could be a religious ceremony or a large group.

You can have fun doing this lesson,

the more you solve the bettet you will fell,

The cryptic pro

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