Carrot Drumstick

Carrot Drumstick


3 tbsp. melted margarine

1 ½ cups cooked carrots, mashed

3 cups soft bread crumbs

1 egg beaten

1 ½ tbsp. onion, minced

1 ½ tbsp. pimiento chopped

Fine dry bread crumbs

Salt to taste


Mix the margarine, carrots, soft crumbs, egg, onion, pimiento and seasoning in a mixing bowl.

Form the mixture in shape of drumsticks.

Insert a wooden skewer or a short piece of macaroni at each end.

Cover with crumbs and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 25 minutes.

Place a paper frill on each skewer. Serve with white sauce if desired.

Makes six servings.


Ingredients for white sauce:


All purpose cream


Salt & pepper


Put butter in a medium heat pan

Add All purpose cream & a dash of cornstarch.

Salt and pepper to taste

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