Cat Training

Cat Training: No Hitting, And Rewarding Good Behavior Are Recommended

Cats are by nature very intelligent and can also be taken care of without much difficulty and thus they make for pets that are very rewarding. So, if you are interested in cat training, then all you need to do is to know the proper methods that should be employed, and the first step in cat training should obviously be to teach the cat to learn its name and respond to it, and thus it is necessary to give it repeated lessons in order that it learns to recognize and respond to its name.

Cat Training

Cat Training
Cat Training

Give It Something To Scratch Upon

There are many needs that the cat requires including satisfying its feed and thirst requirements, and also they should be given a place where they can strop their claws, and they also need toys and other items that will keep them interested in them. Not including a scratching post in the cat training exercise will mean that the cat won’t have any other alternative than to sharpen its claws on whatever comes in its way including your expensive sofa, or carpet, or anything else it finds that it likes to scratch.

You also need to take into account in your cat training program, the need for cats to play with things and even chews on them, and thus it is necessary to provide them with toys and the like which it can play and chew on without destroying your slippers, and even the cushions will be safe from damage.

Cat training however should not mean giving your cat a beating or hitting it, which will only make the cat afraid and in any case the cat cannot correlate the hitting with misbehavior. All that you need to do to let the cat know it is doing something wrong is to firmly say ‘no’ or you can even clap your hands to let it know that its actions are inappropriate. No doubt, the cat still cannot understand your words, though it will understand the harshness of your tone, which will make it realize it is doing something wrong.

Another means you can employ in cat training is to use a water sprayer on the cat’s face whenever it has done something wrong, and in fact a number of cats even will like this, while for others a loud noise like clapping your hands will suffice to let the cat know about its misbehavior. However, sometimes the cat does things which are nice and pleasant and thus you must include giving of rewards in your cat training since in that way it can correlate good actions with treat, and will thus stay positive more often than not.

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