Cat Toilet Training

Cat Toilet Training Basics

If you are looking for cat toilet training tips, then you have definitely come to the right place. There has long been speculation over whether or not it is even possible to toilet train a cat. But as cat owners grow more and more weary of cleaning litter boxes, more and more devices and methods for cat toilet training have been put into practice.

There are many different books available that discuss detailed techniques for cat toilet training. But here, we have attempted to give you a basic overview of how the actual process is accomplished. It is important to remember that individual results will vary according to how much time you are willing to spend on cat toilet training, as well as on each individual cat.

Cat Toilet Training

Cat Toilet Training
Cat Toilet Training

The Method

There are a few essential items you will have to have on hand before cat toilet training can begin: your cat’s current litter box, a stool roughly the same height as your toilet, and a bowl that will fit inside your toilet bowl. The first step in cat toilet training is always to first place your cat’s current litter box beside the toilet. Give him or her a few days to adjust to the new location.

Once your cat has gotten used to his or her box being in the bathroom, cat toilet training can really begin. The second step in this process is to get your cat accustomed to jumping up to the height of the toilet seat. This is accomplished by placing the cat’s litter box on a stool next to the toilet. Be sure that for the first day or two the lid of the toilet is left down. After a day or so of your cat jumping up to get in the litter box, you can lift the lid (but leave the seat down), so that your cat can get used to navigating his or her way around the seat.

The third step in the cat toilet training process is to move the cat’s litter box to the top of the toilet for a day or so. This accustoms your cat to actually being on the toilet, as opposed to beside it. After a day or so of this, remove the litter box completely, and replace it with a bowl filled with litter, on the inside of the toilet bowl. Be sure to watch your cat to make certain that he or she is placing their feet on the seat of the toilet, as opposed to inside the bowl.

Once your cat is placing all four of his or her feet on the seat of the toilet, instead of inside the bowl, you can complete the very last step in cat toilet training – removing the bowl. Once you have done this, as long as there are no litter boxes elsewhere in your home, you should have completely finished the cat toilet training process.

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