Cheating Spouse Software - Can it Really Help You To Discover the Truth?

Many people are searching for cheating spouse software on the internet to get those keyloggers to spy what their spouses are doing online. Some of these softwares cost money, some of them cost even hundreds of dollars! I want to discuss a little about it to see if they are really helpful and are they worth your time and money?

All of the websites claims that their software will record all the outgoing messages, usernames and passwords to all the accounts and all the internet activity. Don't believe it so fast because it's not exactly true. In most cases you will get just a log full of keystrokes your spouse typed while he/she used the computer. It up to you to figure out where is the usernames and passwords, what is a message to another partner and what is just a post on some unrelated forum! Even after you will the passwords you still have to match it to the account. I mean – how do you know if it's email password or just some site about races? But finally you will get the answer to it with some work.

Also you see on every Spy software site the word "Invisible" in huge font. Don't buy this! Not all the keyloggers (spy softwares) are 100% invisible. The free ones are very easy to detect with an antivirus or antispyware! Even the paid ones sometimes are visible when you go to the windows task manager. So before you are using make sure of 2 things:

- The website says the software is undetectable with antivirus and not shown in the task manager!

- It's has a good reputation.

The third thing is I just want you to use keylogger when you are sure your spouse is cheating and you need proof to confront him/her. If you don't sure – think just what damage it will cause if you'll get caught spying and your spouse is innocent? It can ruin your relationship and the trust will never be regained.

My conclusion – Cheating spouse software will its part of the job for you and you will can your spouse red handed in a couple of days. But you will have to put some effort in it – it will not happen magically for you! I also suggest you to try to get some proofs to his/her affair without using the spyware, or you both can have a honest conversation to fix this out between you! Good luck!

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