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Hi guys,

We form one meetup for everymonth in Chennai for SEO peoples. Because we need to share the latest updates of seo. It is the common place to meet all SEO's and share their knowledge in seo. we update our knowledge here. My point is not to earn money through this meetup. I just want to share my knowledge and experience to all SEO peoples in one place. I want to just form a one meetup for SEO's. I saw but it ask to pay for meeting seo guys. here I suggest for free SEO meetups only.

SEO Meetups in Chennai:

Anybody interested SEO meetups in chennai. Just comment your name and mail to my mail id: Once we form a list of SEO's. Then I get ideas from you where we all meet in one particular place. we will conduct meet ups in every month.

This is the common place to share their ideas and knowledge in SEO. Please forward your name and maild id's to my mail.

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nazar 8 years ago


I_am_not_john profile image

I_am_not_john 7 years ago

you are right, the best place is to start up in orkut and not here, not much chennaities gather here



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