Choosing A Cat Breed

Choosing A Cat Breed For Your Family

Pets are great to have in the home. They complete a home very well and they also bring fun and laughter in one. Cats are among the very first animals considered as a pet all over the world. Choosing a cat breed that best suit your family will be difficult because thee are many breeds to choose from and there are many factors to consider. It is best to involve al members of your family in choosing a cat breed to bring into your home and family.

Choosing A Cat Breed

Choosing A Cat Breed
Choosing A Cat Breed

Factors To Consider In Choosing A Cat Breed

One of the many factors that you need to consider when choosing a cat breed for your pet is the size of your apartment or home. Although cats leave an impression of always sleeping or lounging around, some are actually very active and need lots of room to exercise and play. Some breeds are the stereotyped ones that actually just laze around but not all are like this. If an active cat is left to its own devices in a small area, it might do some damage to furniture and other things in the house when it is bored.

One other thing to consider in choosing a cat breed for your family is the amount of time your family can spare to take care of your cat. Longhair cats need regular grooming, which involves bathing, drying and brushing. If you are too busy to facilitate these things, get a shorthair cat.

The health of your family must also be considered when choosing a cat breed. Some longhair varieties shed their fur and dander frequently and these may cause some allergic reactions to you and your family. On the other hand, there is a particular breed of cat that some people claim is hypoallergenic.

Another factor to consider when choosing a cat breed for your home is the expense of feeding and grooming the cat. Cat food can be expensive and grooming services for longhairs can also be expensive, as with veterinarian services. Feeding your cat leftovers can be dangerous because some foods can be deadly for cats.

The personality and temperament of the cat must also be considered when choosing a cat breed. It is better to first get to know the temperament of cat breeds before you adopt or purchase one. Some cat breeds do not like to be treated as lap pets while others relish this. Others also prefer to stay outdoors while others are best kept indoors. Some might also have some inherent sickness like deafness in white cats.

In choosing a cat breed, it is best to scout around first and not base your judgment solely in physical appearance. It would also be helpful to adopt cats instead of buy kittens since many full grown cats now show their personalities and you are getting what you get.

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