Conference bike-- an exciting joy ride

Ever heard of a bike being run by 7 people? If not, go through this hub. Its quite exciting to find imagination go wild with experiments with technology lavishing sumptuous praise on human mind. Conference bike is a grand feature thrown open to the world of adventure, driven by 7 persons, all of who paddle their way to their destination, while one steers them around.

A wonderful fuel saving and environmnt- friendly way to adventure and riding.

Go wild and get the excitement.

Yet, you have to wait until the approval for the same comes from world over. The bike will be quite useful in less crowded places. However, salute to the human mind for unraveling another treasure to the world of sports and adventure.

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compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 9 years ago from London UK

Woe, very different!!

ratnaveera profile image

ratnaveera 9 years ago from Cumbum

Very interesting vehicle!! But it can not be widely used by all economical classes of people. What is your opinion Neet?

bhalla_neet profile image

bhalla_neet 9 years ago from Delhi Author

Certainly. indeed this vehicle is not prevalent everywhere. It is of signifcance in less-crowded places. But, stilll cheers to the brain that worked on it.

funride profile image

funride 9 years ago from Portugal

Great hub! Why don´t you put a youtube video on it!? There are several of them ;)

Raven King profile image

Raven King 9 years ago from Cabin Fever

I think it might be great for tours including eco toursim. Its a cute vehicle sounds very exciting!

iain  8 years ago

Hello bike spotters

Come and have a go on mine! its never going to be a mass transport alternative but it makes people think and Talk. The ordinary bicycle is just too efficient. Aged 8-80 Blind and Sighted everybody loves it.

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