Cooking: Is it an art or a science? Here's the best way to learn how to cook

Cooking: Art versus science

Cooking is a great example of a melting pot between art and science. The science process starts when you collect ingredients, identifying which works well, blends into amazing flavors to come up with your dish. One could say cooking is like a chemical equation - you add all the ingredients, apply heat and you get a chemical reaction. So the equation would look like this: ingredient A + ingredient B ... + ingredient N = product A + product B ... + product N.

On the other hand, cooking is also an art. It is symphony of taste, aroma and colors that tickles the senses. The cooked product appeals to the senses - eyes, if you like how a dish looks like; nose, if you like the smell; touch, if you like it hot or cold; and especially the tongue, for tasting whether the dish tastes good.

Want to learn how to cook?

There are several ways to learn how to cook. You can start with reading cookbooks and try to imagine how the dish comes out. That will inspire you to cook. You don't need to cook everything in the cookbook. Just get a fell of the ways of cook. Then identify dishes you are interested in cooking. These can be your goal later on. This was how I learned how to cook. Reading cookbooks then later trying them out step by step.

However, if you are a beginner, you can begin with frying an egg sunny side up. One you've mastered this, you can try other variations such as poached, scrambled or boiled. Next you can start with sauteeing some garlic and onion then add vegetables. You can go on to the next complicated cooking method or make variations of a particular dish you like.

You can also learn from your family or friends who cooks well. This is another great way to learn. People who are passionate about cooking are also passionate about sharing their cooking. Talk to them, watch them cook, check out their style. You may also enroll in a cooking class. In this way, the teacher will help you cook some dishes and at the same time you can meet fellow cooking enthusiasts.

Once you are confident with your cooking, you can diversify by learning a new cooking technique or combine different ingredients. Let your imagination run wild.

You can learn how to cook A scientist in the kitchen.

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MM Del Rosario profile image

MM Del Rosario 8 years ago from NSW, Australia

cooking is both art and science for me, i don't want to eat food that looks  horrible even though it taste good,   but I also don't want to eat food that looks good but taste bad. 

 So it must be a combination and art and science is a good combination, but it takes time and a lot of practice......

zylla3philippines profile image

zylla3philippines 8 years ago from Anaheim, CA

My affiliation to cooking ends at the simple art of colors and presentation like the colorful picture you have up there. MM is right--'takes time and practice', which is a #1 deterrent to me.

You have a good equation here, too, though it's not making it any easier for me. I'll wait until it gets to the table; I'll appreciate the art better.

Constant Walker profile image

Constant Walker 8 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

I love to cook. I like to experiment with different ingredients and spices. This is very creative, but experimenting, by the very definition, is a scientific thing. You know something's really good when it requires the heart AND mind.

Great hub!

HENRY  7 years ago

sample article on food cooking

pawan kumar 6 years ago

how of cooking can be considred tobe the ART.

why of cooking can be considered to be the science..

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