Crescent Flower Arrangement

Flower Arrangement

1.In an arrangement of flowers, one type of flower and one color predominating is more satisfying. The heavier the color, the lower it should be in arrangement. Smaller, lighter flowers are better on the sides and toward the top. To avoid a spotty effect, keep like colors together and as much as possible, flowers of the same intensity of colors must be kept together.

2. The flower container must be as much a part of the picture of the table appointments in its quality, texture and color as everything else on the table.

3. One of the most popular flower arrangements for the dinner table is the “crescent” pattern. Its character changes with the selection of different plant materials.

4. It is discourteous to have the flowers arranged so tall that they act as a barricade between the guests and prevent cross-table conversation. Tall arrangements must be reserved for teas, cocktail parties, and buffets when the flowers are to beviewed by guests in standing position.

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