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Custom Trophies

Looking for the perfect custom trophies for a scholastic event? Or maybe you are searching all over the Internet to find a custom trophy design that fits the personality of your Social Club President.

When many people think about trophies and who to hand them to, the first folks who come to mind are talented athletes.

After all, there are many well-known sport trophies, such as The Heisman Trophy, The Stanley Cup, and The World Cup Trophy, just to name a few.

However, what many people fail to realize is that athletes are not the only achievers who deserve coveted trophies. There are many other reasons to reward people with recognition awards.

Customization makes it possible to create practically any kind of award you can think of! There are many online businesses that specialize in building custom trophies to your direct specifications.

These shops even offer special engraving techniques which make it easy to write whatever you would like on the trophies themselves. Keep this in mind when someone special needs a thoughtful gift!

Slide-In Certificate Frames

Versatile award
Versatile award

Trophy Ideas

1) Best _____ Awards

Trophies are rewarded to those who are deserving of praise. And when you think about it, isn't almost everyone you care about worthy of some sort of tribute?

This is why trophies make great gifts to give parents, grandparents, friends and significant others. For example, let's say you are a student looking for the perfect gift to give a well-liked, hard-working teacher.

Why not buy this instructor a beautiful wooden plaque to hang in his or her classroom? A custom trophee like this really tells someone you are grateful for their dedication.

Hand Painted Music Resin Trophy

Talented effort
Talented effort

2) Scholastic Awards

It has been proven time and time again that children who are learning new things benefit from positive reinforcement. So, what's more positive than receiving trophies and awards when they excel in certain subjects?

Small trophies made from plastic are very inexpensive and make great awards for young children. Plus, with custom engraving, you can create many different categories for different students to win, such as "Spelling Champion", "Perfect Attendance Award", "Best Sense of Humor", "Most Creative", etc.

Eagle Awards

A brilliant presentation
A brilliant presentation

3) Club Trophies

Do you belong to a club or society? Do certain members of the board go beyond the call of duty to make things better for the group?

If so, show these people that their kindness and hard work is appreciated.

Instead of generic gift certificates this year, buy your club board members awards, like crystal awards made from lead crystal for a classy touch.

Trophies such as these are extremely unique and very elegant. (And, not as expensive as you may think!) He or she will be proud to display a trophy of this caliber in the home. Oh, and don't forget the personal engraving!

Custom trophies really show the recipients that you put time and effort into their awards. And by engraving his or her name into the trophy itself, s/he knows that the award is truly one of a kind.

Custom Award - 2 Week Turnaround Time

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