Desktop Backrounds - Get a Round Desktop Background

Why get a backround for your desktop?

Well, there is a subtle difference between a background and a backround. Some people might refer to a backround as an 'eggcorn' (which is a cross between an egg and an acorn). Eggcorns are words or phrases which someone hears and then subsequently applies a spelling of that phrase in written form which is incorrect but which seemingly makes sense when considered from the point of view of someone who has never seen the phrase written down before.

I would say that 'backround' is actually just a mis-spelling. However, having discovered the term, why not make it real?

Backround Again - To Your Desktop

So, I have created the obvious definition of a backround - it's a round background. The Earth seen from space would be an obvious example of a backround, as indeed would any other planet, sun, star or reasonably intact heavenly body.

I now intend to provide a few desktop backrounds, so that you can enjoy them on your computer at work, at home or indeed on that long train journey/plane flight to wherever it is you go when you bring your laptop with you.

Stay tuned for more updates on the future of the backround.

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samantha 7 years ago

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