A Simple Tip for Dinner Table Etiquette

Which glass and bread plate is yours?

I have been to so many networking luncheon meetings and even formal dinner parties where someone at the table picks up the wrong glass and throws the whole table off because they weren't aware of the proper etiquette. There is a very simple solution to figuring out which glass and which bread plate belong to you at the table setting.

With your left hand, form a circle with your thumb and pointer finger. The other fingers stand straight up behind the circle. This makes a lower case b. Do the same thing with your right hand, which makes a lower case d. When you do this at the table, you will see that your left hand (lower case b) is where your bread plate sits. B for bread. Your right hand (lower case d) is where your drinking glasses are. D for drink.

You can do this surreptitiously under the table cloth if that makes you feel better, but you will never again pick up the wrong water glass, bread knife, etc., if you just follow this simple tip.

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glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California

What a great tip! Thankfully I've never been in such a fancy setting where someone would get mad if I took the wrong one :)

Basketcase profile image

Basketcase 8 years ago from Arizona Author

I am surprised, too, at how bent out of shape people will get when they reach for their water glass and it's been picked up by the wrong person. Not pleasant at the time, but good material to poke fun at later. ;<}

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