Do "Answer Groups" breed hate?

From Yahoo to Cafe Mom

Explore some answer groups and you are likely to discover how hateful people can be. Since I belong to Yahoo, I decided to update my profile there are check out "Yahoo answers." In my opinion, a good majority of the questions are from either teen agers, or haters. Questions obviously meant to incite anger.

I also belong to Cafe Mom. I love the group, but if you search through their question and answer pages, there is it, Hate, right along with the helpful and productive information. They also have a feature where you can ask or answer anonymously. I can see some honest reasons to ask a question anonymously. Perhaps you have a sensitive issue that you don't want to put your name and profile next to. What I see, however, are mass anonymous posts (usually answers) that are rude, cruel, hateful and mean. Of course, most of these are full of spelling errors and gramatical disasters as well.

It becomes very disconcerting. It seems people are just out to identify and exploit differences no matter what the subject matter. It was my understanding that "answer" sites were supposed to be helpful and supportive. There are too many instances, however, where that is not the case.

Don't hate me because I'm not you

It takes very little, apparently, to spark anger and hate amongst humans these days. I can remember one of the best lessons I learned in school was about hate and prejudice. The teacher stood in front of the class and said "NO one is to talk to or associate in class today with the children with blue eyes. In fact, go out of your way to avoid them." Wow...I cannot tell you the impression that lesson made on me. I don't have blue eyes, but I had friends in the class who did. I had to ignore them, treat them differently and it made me very uncomfortable.

Man may be created equal, but all men (and women) have their differences. Obvious or subtle, there are differences. No where is this more apparent than in "answer groups." Here are some examples of questions as well as answers that I found on some answer groups:

Q: Aren't you sick of Muslims trying to preach? i always see stuff trying to support muslims. im tired of seeing this stuff in our american cities. theyer now trying to post all this muslim information in thousands of subway cars in new york. the nerve to make it detroit of all places. im not saying i hate muslims or anything, but im tired of having to watch myself so i dont offend them, plus they trash christianity. g. beck makes a good popint if you ever watch his show

My observation of this question: This one is rather mild, all things considered. Probably someone frustrated with "political correctness" and venting on Muslims instead.

Answers: As of my writing this, there was only one answer and it stated "It's not just the Muslims, buddy." So far, so good, but I'm going to check on that one later. Let me find a hotbed of anger...

Ahh, here is one. Written by a name that has become known for anti-christianity posts. This one is obviously meant to incite hate and anger:

Q: When god dies, does he go to god heaven, or god hell depending on how good he's been?

Answer: he goes right to god hell for killing 32 million people =/

Answer 2: If it is depending on how good he has been, then God will go straight to Hell.

My observation; The majority of the other answers were "God does not die." But this, again, was meant to stir the anger of Christians

Q: Why are black people always whining about the white man keeping them down?


Why are you so obsessed with us? Maybe we are tired of you.

that's all they have to keep them afloat. just think about it. that's why they love the states -- they can complain and get what they want using the race cards. do you think they can live a more better lifestyle in any african country?

My observation: Do people have nothing better to do than sit around thinking of "questions" they can ask that will anger and hurt other people?

I have seen the hate flung back and forth in Religions, Politics, Parenting, even Food and Drink! There is no topic which is free from someone spewing hate and/or prejudice to the masses.

Human Nature/Disclaimer

Before anyone gets the notion that I am preaching, or claiming perfection, let me say this:

I get angry just like anyone else. It is human nature. I will also say that I have, in my anger used ANY difference between myself and the person I was angry at and emphasized it. I'm not proud of it, but I have done it. Yet, although I am White, Female, Christian, and Conservative, I maintain friendships with people who are; black, men, liberals, homosexuals, hispanics, jews,and athiests. Why? Because my friends, and I know that things can be said in anger that are said in the heat of the moment. We know that after the anger subsides, we will realize that we care about that other person for who he or she is, and not because of Race, Color, Religion, Political affilation or anything else.

That is not the issue. The issue is whether hate should be publicly directed at ANY one for ANY reason simply for hatred sake. Civil, reasonable people educate themselves about other people and do not make generalizations. Most mature adults can agree to disagree. So why go into forums, and answer groups and just try to stir up trouble?

Honestly, I go in to promote my writing. If I have written an article pertaining to someones question, I will leave the link to my article. I go to forums, groups, websites, just about everywhere. It seems to me that hate seems to overshadow any kind of helpfulness the site may be trying to acheive.

People have differences. That is a fact. There are few, if any differences that should be insurmountable. Hate consumes and destroys. Prejudice and hatred may never end, but each person CAN make a difference in keeping the peace while sharing an opinion or fact. For example, if the KKK were to come to my town, I would oppose it, I would not, however, become violent or return the hate to show my opposition. That would be pointless.

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Trsmd profile image

Trsmd 8 years ago from India

very good choice..

Misha profile image

Misha 8 years ago from DC Area

It will get way worse before it gets any better...

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