Do speed reading courses really work?

Yes. Speed reading courses work, that is if you really practice everyday. I did not attend a speed reading course because it is not reading fast that I prioritized, its speed reading comprehension. Reading comprehension is the ability to understand what you've read. I've been in reading comprehension practice every other day. It also helps you to read faster at the same time understand what you've read faster also. If you want to improve your speed in reading and reading comprehension follow this steps.

1. First, select a book you have to read for a month or week.

2. Determine the number of words per page of the book you've selected. Here is how to determine it. a) Count the number of words in the first ten lines of the full page. b) After that, count the lines of a single page then multiply the number of words in ten lines to the number of lines in the single page. This will give you the average words in one page.

3. Set a time of your reading. It should be the time when you're in a full concentration and attention and that no one can disturb you.

4. Read your book faster as you can understand for at least 20 minutes.

5. After that, count the number of pages you've read and multiply it to the average number of words per page. Then multiply the result in 60.

6. Determine the number of seconds you've finish reading it.

7. Divide the result in step number 5 by the number of seconds at step 6. That would be your average words read per minute.

8. Record your progress in a graph or table.

Remember it is about how fast you understand what you've read.

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Bob 7 years ago

This hub inspired me to take a closer look at speed reading. I think that it's a tremendously useful skill to have.

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