Do Some Gay Men Find Some Straight Women As Threats?

Do Some Gay Men Feel Some Straight Women Are Threats?

In response to another post about Gaydar I made some comments about having experienced rejection by some gay men as though I was somehow a threat. To illustrate, I related how I was in the Castro District in San Francisco with my mom and she had noticed I was getting dirty looks from gay men while we were walking. I was relating how I had noticed this too, when a gay guys starts giving me dirty looks, walks up to me on the street and calls me a b!tch!

Now I have been out with my girlfriends and there is some cute guy near our table and we women are talking and flirting and all the gay guys are grumbling, flirting too, and basically getting really b!tchy with us.

So the question is Do Some Gay Men See Some Straight Women As Threats? And why? Has this happened to you? Or have you see it happen?

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pikapp44 8 years ago


pikapp44 8 years ago


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