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Earlier this year I tackled the all important issue of whether or not Dog, The Bounty Hunter could be considered legend or lame. It was a difficult topic, and I think we all learned a lot from it. Dog has found his way back into the news however, this time for use of the dreaded "N" word. In case you're not familiar with this politically correct expression of an old racial slur, go look up some of your racist friends and ask them what they think of affirmative action, and you should figure it out fairly quickly. If you're not from the USA, listen to some Gangsta rap, that will set you straight.

Yes, our beloved Dog, he of the incredible Aryan mullet, was caught on tape bemoaning to his son the fact that some people around him used the N word, and that he wasn't going to lose all he had worked for for thirty years because of some drunken 'N word'. The actual quote went something like this:

"I'm not taking a chance...not because she's black but because we use the word n---er sometimes here. I'm not going to take any chance ever in life of losing everything I've worked for 30 years because some drunken n---er heard us say n---er and turned us into the Enquirer magazine...I'm not taking that chance at all never in life. Never..."

Ironically, The National Enquirer was exactly the place that his son decided to sell the tape to. You see, the son in questioned happens to have a girlfriend who is of African American descent, as well as a pretty decently sized chip on his shoulder when it comes to Daddy, it would seem.

A&E, the producers of the show 'Dog, The Bounty Hunter' immediately stopped production of the show pending an investigation, and whether or not Dog returns to the air is still very much up in the air. The Reverend Al Sharpton has been called upon by Dog to help him out of this mess, and in exchange for the Dog's presence at a march or two, might put in a good word for him.

It's all very sad really, after all, who among us has not heard one of our ridiculous relatives spouting off rubbish in the privacy of their own home. The things that people say when they don't think anyone who matters would be enough to spur a million protest marches. So here we are faced with a question. Should a man's racist comments to his own family be enough to end his livelihood? Should we all be doomed to repeats of Dog The Bounty Hunter because one snotty nosed kid decided to cash in and screw Daddy over at the same time? Or should Dog be punished verily for his shameful intolerant behavior?

Must we say goodbye?

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Becky Caraveo 9 years ago

he hated the woman because of who she was not her skin color. just like the best of us if you hate someone and you reach your boiling point you tend to hit below the belt. i'm inlove with a mexican but if i meet a mexican who i trully hated for personal reasons i can't say i wouldn't slip out of anger not out of give him a brake he feels bad enough!!!!!

ROB AND STEPHANIE profile image

ROB AND STEPHANIE 9 years ago from Higfhland Park


Linda Brown 8 years ago

I spoke to someone the other day from A&E and my take from that call is they are waiting for the smoke to clear and then Dog will be up and running again. And yeah, it was not her skin color but her life style he was objecting to as Tucker the little brat, spent 4 years in jail on drug charges and Dog did not want him to get involved with her as it was rumoured that she was either doing, had, or dealt drugs. I think it is ridiculous that A&E gave into the whims of the biggest racist of all, Al Sharpton. Anytime he appoints himself the keeper of the black race you can be sure he will stir up a hornet's nest, get up on his soap box and the tool really loves the camera and keep the fires of racism burning. I had the pleasure of meeting Duane and Beth last summer and they are down to earth, nice people, just like they are on the show. I mis them and I hope to God they are coming back soon!

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 8 years ago Author

Thanks for the information Linda, much appreciated! I'd love to see Dog back on the air, his show was pure brilliance, and though he said some pretty stupid things, I'm pretty sure we'd all be in trouble for one reason or another if we were taped during our intimate family times.

sickfingers 8 years ago

First of all, if you think we all learned something from the Dog's experience, you should remove your nose from the TV and try to understand that many of us 'all' had no idea what happened, no clue whatsoever.....which would make it hard to have learned something.

And who cares if Dog isn't on A&E anymore? He was a bounty hunter, not a television actor. His livelihood should be safe.

Personally, white-trash makes me want to puke, and I'm glad I don't see Dog's dirty family any more when I'm clicking through the channels.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 8 years ago Author

Guess you didn't hear the news then - Dog's show started taping again a few months ago, so you'll be seeing and hearing from the Chapmans again quite soon.

P.S Calling people white-trash and dirty, or insulting them in any way doesn't make them look bad - it makes you look horrid.

sickfingers 8 years ago

Oh gosh...I look horrid? Someone cover me, pleeeeeeeease!

Jane 8 years ago

These people are ridiculous and trashy. Dog needs a haircut. Who can take these jackasses seriously???

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 8 years ago Author

To take them seriously would be to miss the point entirely ;)

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