Domestic Cat Breeds

Domestic Cat Breeds: The Maine Coot

Among the several different types of domestic cat breeds, the Maine Coot is one that is well liked and it also happens to be among the larger of such domestic cat breeds which are also very intelligent and also playful, while also having a very unique physical appearance as well. The Maine Coot is among the oldest domestic cat breeds in North America though it is originally from New England and so is America’s very own first indigenous show cat, and it is many times also referred to as a ‘gentle giant’ and by nature it is very pleasant.

Domestic Cat Breeds

Domestic Cat Breeds
Domestic Cat Breeds

Big And Full Of Energy

This domestic cat breed is quite a big animal and it is also full of energy and it may even weigh as many as twelve kilograms at the most, while the average weight for the Maine Coot is about between six and nine kilograms for the adult male, while the females weigh about half as much as the males. In fact, the male Maine Coot is known to have grown to as many as one meter in its length, though the longest known Maine Coot is a bit longer than that as well.

This domestic cat breed has a square muzzle on its face and the neck is thick while ears are large and also it has eyes that are big as well as rounded, while the body is also large and a bit muscular as well, and its tail is also quite long and it is also quite bushy as well. The origins of this domestic cat breed is surrounded by myths though the truth is rather boring because it may be attributed to the bringing of cats to the new lands from Europe, which had to survive the harsh winters in places such as New England, and thus there were only the strong and adaptable of those cats that survived. The Maine Coot thus survived through natural selection and became rugged and large and its coat was resistant to water and it also has a constitution that is robust and strong.

Another feature of this domestic cat breed is that it is a very social creature and it is also a cat that will get along with different cats, and even dogs as well as with children, and they have excellent personalities and so they make for an ideal cat breed to have around the home. And, being so intelligent, they are also very easy to train.

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I believe you are full if it. Anyone can do a search on the Maine CooT, notice the "T" and come up empty. If one were to search on Maine Coon Cat you can find plenty. The Maine CooT doesn't track out to useful and believable webpages. When they come up with something, it is the long haired Maine Coon that you fine.

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