Donuts and Portland

No donuts for you! (Or me.)

Portland Oregon is the most pro-coffee/anti-donut town in the USA. Whats up with that? Deep fried happiness in a cold town just begging for some comfort food. Maybe thats the problem. This is a blue state, after all. Democrats don't want comfort. They want tension and worry. Comfort? DID YOU SEE AL GORE'S MOVIE?!?!?! Like a cult based on fear. These people need a sedative, a venti Latte, and a dozen glazed like its nobody's business.

I grew up in Los Angeles. That is a town founded on the principal of the korean donut shop. And good mexican food. Half the population in LA is mexican. Thats ok with me. For the most part, latin americans are a hard working bunch, pound for pound. There are a stereo-typical few that spoil it for the rest. I say close the borders, build a fence and make the path to citizenship the same for everyone. Level playing field. Don't make it impossible, but don't make it a one day affair.

Still bummed about the presidential race. Don't like anyone on either side. Some of them actually scare me. Who knows what kind of crazy nonesense will go on if elected? Fred Thompson is one I like. But, I always liked Law and Order. Great show. Some don't like that he was an actor. So was Reagan. He was great. No bs in his game.

I hope it all turns out ok. If not, we can all pray for some sort of cosmic mulligan. A do over. Oops, picked wrong, one more try.

Still not me


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