Downloading Rap Beats Online

Looking for some guidance for purchasing and downloading some rap beats via the internet? Well here are some hints for avoiding some of the pitfalls that the uninitialted can fall into, but there is an upside to all this, confidence derived from these tips to confidently discover beats of value to you.

Firstly you will want to dig up a website that fits your style and needs. There are many variations in the sound of beats in rap and to be frank there are also different websites catering to these different sounds as well. Take it slowly and make sure your final decision is based on what you want not some fancy pants selling technique.

It doesn't have to follow that you pay for what you get in this industry. There are many fine upcoming new artists out there that simply because they are unheard of are letting their beats go for a lot less than if they were well known, and the beats are just the same if they are famous or not. Over time you can develop a elationship with the sellers and ask for a discounted price for your business especially if you are a regular buyer.

Are you looking to buy beats with an exclusive use license? This will allow you to have the beats all to yourself stopping anyone else from using the beat you have paid for. The price for this exclusivity will make the product higher in cost so you will have to be certain that this is what you really want. So what does an exclusive license get you? A unique sound that's what. Expect to pay around $100 to $1000 for a beat in this category and $15 to $50 for non exclusive rights.

Just starting out means you do not know who to trust but after a while you will have your favorites who you frequently buy from. You may now be conducting business with artists directly or close to them via an intermediary. The bigger websites selling beats would be a good place to start until you get a feel for the industry and you start to find out the trustworthy businesses, but it would still be a mistake to filter out the the little fish who are trying hard to make their place, good pricing can be found in this area.

It is a prerequisite for you to feel safer knowing their are contact details that are available from the selling websites. It is not impolite for you to send a small email to find out if they are monitoring their contact links/emails and ask an innocuous question, for instance it would be ok to ask about their refund policy or their delivery procedure etc. Getting a courteous response would make you feel more confident in doing business with them.

With many websites appearing almost overnight and just as many disappearing it would be wise to use all this information to protect yourself, but don't get so cautious that you can't get in there and get those beats. The Paypal system most of these sites use is a safe secure system that ensures your payment details are not stolen.

The internet When all is said and done it is a great way for finding and downloading rap beats.


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