Good Eating Habits

Good Eating Habits

  1. Take small bite and eat slowly.
  2. Chew with your mouth close, and do not talk until your mouth is empty.
  3. Cut off each bite as you eat your food.
  4. Lift food to your mouth when you eat. Do not lower your head to the food.
  5. Eat all the food taken on a fork or a spoon at one time. Never withdraw some of it.
  6. Have your mouth empty when you drink water or beverages.
  7. Sip beverages; do not gulp them.
  8. When food is too hot to eat, wait until it cools.
  9. Dip a soup spoon into the soup away from you and never fill the spoon completely. Dip it noiselessly from the side of the spoon not from the tip and do not put the entire spoon in your mouth.
  10. Break – do not cut – bread or rolls into small pieces before buttering. Butter each small piece just before it is eaten.
  11. Put butter, jelly, or marmalade on bread or toast with a bread and butter knife, if one is provided. Otherwise use a regular knife.
  12. Do not touch the food with your hands except for certain “finger food”.
  13. Keep each food separated on your plate as you eat.
  14. A napkin may be used to screen the removal of objects from the mouth. Remove the objects with the fingers as inconspicuously as possible.
  15. A toothpick should not be used except in private.
  16. Put napkin in your lap. Use it, as needed, to touch your mouth lightly with a blotting motion.
  17. When not in use, keep the knife across the plate.
  18. Use a knife only when the food is difficult to cut with a fork.
  19. Use the service silverware when you serve yourself from a serving dish. Never use your own table ware.
  20. When lifting a goblet, hold it at the base of the bowl.
  21. Lift a beverage cup by its handle with one hand. Never hold it with two hands when drinking.
  22. When passing plates, be careful no to put your thumb on the inside of the plate or to touch any of the food on the plate.
  23. Never play with the tableware.
  24. When you are done eating, place the knife and fork in the center of the plate.
  25. At the end of the meal, lay the napkin on the table at the left of your plate, unfolded neatly.

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