Elderly Care Module in Caregiver Course

Elderly Care Module in Caregiver Course

Are you planning to undergo a Caregiver Course?

Here are some guidelines in one of the module offered. Elderly Care Module

In this module you will learn how to deal with an elderly client in which includes the personality and the defense mechanism of a person. Include in this program are a demonstration of the instructor such as feeding a bed ridden client and comatose patient (Nasogastric Tube Feeding),

Oral Care, Care of Dentures, Perineal Care, Shampooing and Bed Bathing, Changing the Bed linens while the client is in bed, Shaving a male client and nail care.

Lectures include basic medical anatomy and physiology. Diseases and disorder of an elderly client like alzheimers disease, parkinsons disease, multiple sclerosis, cataract, glaucoma, emphysema, bronchitis, Arthritis, mental disorders…

Activities include case study and exercises of an elderly client.

Other modules to be learned before becoming an equipped trained caregiver are child caring, first aid and home management. Before enrolling in such a program makes sure your center is accredited or recognized in such government accreditation.

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