When I wrote a hub titled ‘Global Warming - Matter of Concern' (the title has been changed to ‘Globe' - Warming Faster), I received comments saying that it is not a matter of concern, it is a matter of survival. Survival, I wondered how? I was very surprised, as one of the television news channel in India broadcasted about ‘Lilypad', a floating city, which is on its way for survival!! Vincent Callebaut, a visionary architect, has given hope to survive with all the odds of global warming, ice cap melting and water level raising! This news item made me to search in google about 'Lilypad'. The website is http://archinect.com/features/article.php?id=76244_0_23_0_c

‘LILYPAD', a Floating Ecopolis for Ecological Refugees is autosufficient that takes care of climate, biodiversity, water and health. Vincent Callebaut, a visionary Belgian architect, is ready with his proposal ‘Lilypad'. According to the news channel it will take 30 years to develop. This half aquatic and half terrestrial city will easily accommodate 50,000 inhabitants. There will be houses, hanging gardens and crossed roads by a network of streets and alleyways with organic outline. A very well planned city where you can work, shop and entertain yourself. No waste will go into the sea, no vehicles to polute the environment. (Biodiversity to develop its fauna and flora around a central lagoon of soft water collection and purifying the rain water.) The goal is to create a harmonious coexistence of humans and nature, exploring new modes of cross-cultural aquatic living.

Vincent Callebaut, a winner of Grand Architecture Prize Napoléon Godecharle of the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts of Brussels for the best hope of his ecological Elasticity, an aquatic city.

It is indeed a challenge to mankind to combat the horrifying effects of global warming. Like Lilypad, there could be many more solutions found by mankind, as it has happened in the past for millions of years.


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Aerial view over Monaco :

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tulwave profile image

tulwave 8 years ago from Orlando,Fl

this is the coolest thing ever. But, when I looked at the photo a second time, I realized how massive the lily pads were. I wonder what they look like from the beach.

great hub

rajasvk profile image

rajasvk 8 years ago from Chennai, India

its awesome to imagine !

ColdWarBaby 8 years ago

Have they been built yet? Is there funding for them. Are they anything more than wishful thinking? rajasvk, awsome to imagine? So far that's all anyone is doing.


look at the comments at the end of the article.

We are so desperate to cling to our corrupt, decadent, wasteful and greedy way of life that we will fantasize another costly, wasteful and unnatural technological boondoggle to avoid giving up our golf courses and McMansions.


Here's another version of the same lunacy.This little floating utopia would be just fine as long as it is realized BEFORE the cascading, destructive events being triggered by our stupidity begin. Ooops! That’s already happened! Oh well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

pcjunkychick profile image

pcjunkychick 8 years ago from OKC

very cool!

CJamesIII profile image

CJamesIII 5 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

Very cool hub! Are you into Jacques Fresco at all? I love futuristic stuff.

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