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was first introduced to meditation when I was 15 years old. A meditation session conducted by some local people in an auditorium and I got enrolled myself for the 7-day meditation course. Since that first experience, I always wanted to take to meditation on a regular basis. For the next 20 years, I have attended many meditation classes tried it for some time and went back to being myself, a lethargic and indisciplined person. Regular exercise is good for health and it is a known fact but not every one who starts jogging one day continues to stick to it. Meditation gives you discipline, but you need to have a little discipline already in you to stick to it.

I have tried many types of meditations including Vippasana which I consider to be one of the difficult methods for a person like me with a completely indiscplined mind. I failed to join transcendental meditation meditation course because paying in money to learn meditation was something strange for me who is from a small town in India. I started finally meditating on a regular basis only a year ago.

There are many types of meditation techniques which I think are very effective. Meditation for me is a completely personal and spiritual experience and it is natural for people to feel comfortable with meditation one type or other.

About a year or so back, I happened to visit a website called Project Meditation where I could download meditation CDs for free. I was taught meditation freely everytime I enrolled myself for a meditation course at least the basic level. For me practicing these free meditation courses was a very effective experience and I continue this time to practice meditation regularly. You can download this meditation CD at Project Meditation

The website claims that this meditation is similar to transcendental meditation which I cannot confirm as I don't know what is transcendental meditation. But I can assure you this is a very effective technique at least some of you may stick to all your life reaping the benefits of meditating regularly.


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