Fast Growing technology - Pros and Cons

Fast growing technology has many pro's and con's. But, being fast growing is the very nature of the business. Companies have to push the boundaries to outperform the other companies, get better items to market, and make it more appealing to buyers. Currently with the economy the way it is, they have to not only have the best, but have to be cost and energy efficient.

Some of the main pro's is revenue. Some people love to get the newest, fastest technology as soon as it comes out. The iphone is a great example. People lining up to buy it when its released because it combined two extremely popular pieces of technology, a phone and an ipod. Another is gaming systems and games. People flock to these like there is no tomorrow.

However, there are many con's. One of which is pretty much by the time a month has passed, it is outdated technology. Chipsets are produced and improved so fast, that the technology in the current game systems is already surpassed by new chips in production.

Some places where technology is not jumping ahead by leaps and bounds is anything to do with energy efficiency and energy conservation. The automotive industry is also falling behind. We can put a man on the moon, yet we cannot create a truck that gets decent gas mileage.

Technology is required to grow fast, to innovate, and to excite. But if all the technology doesn't evolve at the same rate, we end up with one side controlling the market, and the others falling behind.

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xrated 8 years ago

Well ! Technology can be used for both Good and Bad. It can be used to create Space Station. It can be used to destroy Taliban.

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