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The Flip Video Mino (White)

The Flip Video mino

Review by: Mike Stokes

The Flip Video Mino is a new mini camcorder that has self contained features like a built in USB port for direct download to your computer, built-in rechargable lithium battery (with no annoying cords), and built-in microphone. The Flip Video comes in a box the size of a watch box. Included in the package is the Flip Video, Wrist Strap, TV Connection Cable, Soft Case, Quick Start Guide, and Instructions.

The Flip Video mino retails for $179.00 at select retailers. Since it is so new, we looked online first to make sure it was at a nearby big box store. We had only heard about the product from friends and online. We wanted to see one up close.

We went to the store and the first clerk did not know anything about the Flip Video. I insisted that the online store said one was available at the store. Still he could not find. About to leave, I tried another clerk and low and behold there it was. The box was so tiny. I thought - could that really be it.

We purchased the Flip Video Mino on the spot. There are other models for less and have an array of festive colors retailing for low as $129. These models work the same, BUT they take 2 AA batteries. I do not like having to replace batteries all the time. So for $50 extra, I have a rechargable lithium battery where all I have to do is plug the Flip Video into my computer to recharge the battery in as little as 3 hours.

Mike Is Technologically Challenged

Our very first video production

Other Flip Video Features

Some other key features of the Flip Video is:

  • 60 minutes of digital recording time (no dvd discs to purchase)
  • 3-4 hours of use after one full charge
  • Bright white back light
  • Touch & feel like an Iphone or an Ipod
  • One RED button for recording
  • Smooth Zoom In & Out feature
  • Easy playback
  • Built-in very clear microphone
  • Built-in rechargable lithium battery
  • Built-in retractable USB port
  • TV connection cable for easy playback for friends & family
  • Built-in software for editing and easy upload to web sharing sites
  • Wrist Strap
  • Soft Case
  • Port for a standard tripod

There are so many features in this little mini camcorder. I couldn't believe it. And the biggest surprise - when I opened the box in the car - it was already charged and ready to go. So of course, I had to video something right away.

It's so easy. Turn it on. Press the Red record button. And you are recording instantly! How Cool is That?

The Flip Video mino is an awesome package in such a small little box. I won't leave home without it.


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