Foot Spa

Foot Spa

Materials Needed:

  1. Foot Spa Massager
  2. Foot Lotion
  3. Basin
  4. Foot Scraper
  5. Pumice Stone with brush
  6. Foot Soak
  7. Foot Scrub
  8. Cuticle Remover
  9. Calluses Remover
  10. Calluses File
  11. Face Towel


  1. Preparation: Wash feet with clean water. Pour 2 cups of foot soak or shampoo.
  2. Put feet on spa massager with warm water and foot soak. Soak for 15 minutes until soften.
  3. Remove the feet from the massager then pat dry.
  4. Examine if the feet is soft.
  5. Then use calluses remover or foot scraper.
  6. Scrub slowly the feet using brush or pumice stone.
  7. In separate basin, dip the feet in clean water and pat dry.
  8. Apply foot scrub and spread evenly then massage using calluses file to smoothen the feet.
  9. Wash again with clean water & pat dry.
  10. Apply foot lotion, then massage gently from knees down to feet. For 5 minutes relaxation.

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