Fun Family Outings

Finding the right things to do with a family can be overwhelming and daunting. I have found that keeping it simple and affordable is the most important. Keeping your children entertained is the goal as well as keeping your sanity.

One of my favorite things to do as a family is go to IKEA. I know that doesn't sound like a great place for an outing but I beg to differ. Everyone wins at that place. First we drop off our child in their play area for the time limit allowed. Then my wife and I walk around scheming about what we would do with our home if we had the money. We also pick up items we need and just spend fun time together. Time flies in that place as it is huge. After picking up the child we head upstairs to the cafe. They have amazing food and the price is amazing. They have lots of healthy choices and a great child friendly eating area. This can be a very inexpensive outing.

A huge favorite of ours was to get season passes to our local amusement park. This is great as we can visit when we want and for as long as we want. The investment is worth it. We are avid Disney fans so of course our park was Disneyland. This is great as we come and go through out the year as we please. If it is really busy we get on the rides we want and go home. My wife and I can go there and walk around at night and have great quality time. Something about those places really helps reduce the stress in the marriage.

Some museums and zoo's have great membership programs that are very reasonable for the year. The best part is your membership goes to help out a good cause and can be tax deductible. Look around your area for these local ideas.

To help promote exercise, a bike hike is fun and can be challenging or easy depending on the trail. Your local bike shop can furnish rentals and great information on local trails. Pack a lunch and make a day of it. Plan the day for a stop at local parks and let the kids run and play on the equipment. Take you time and you can cover a good distance and see some areas that you may miss by driving.

Camping at a local campsite for a night can be a fun distraction from the norm. It is close enough to home if you have problems and far enough to create an adventure. Pick up some smore ingredients and share adventurous tales over the fire. This adventure can be a great time with the family as all the distractions of your life are left at home. No tv or ipods here and you have a great night of family time.

Laser tag at a local shop can be a huge family adventure. During the week they are generally not as busy and you could possibly have a game all to yourselves. Play girls against boys or parents against kids for some great competition. Another great way to get out aggression in a positive way.

The local mini golf is a great place for family fun. You can find coupons in the local paper or call to see the cheapest night. Play for prizes or just for competition. It is a fun place that promotes imagination and skill. Keep the game fun by having a family trophy made for the winners and make it a monthly event. Generally at the mini golf you can find go carting or batting cages. Any of those can be fun but the prices can be expensive. Just do your research and find out which nights offer the best deals.

Have a projector? Then how bout during the summer watching movies in the back yard on a sheet. Get cardboard boxes and make cars. Give prizes to the best designed car. Make popcorn and have a blast at your makeshift drive-in.

Hiking can be another healthy choice for your family. Trails can be easy to difficult depending on terrain. There are some great places to go near your home that you didn't even know existed. Talk with you local outfitter for great adventures near you and way you should bring to prevent injury or hypothermia. They can set you up with good equipment and maps to keep you safe.

A day in the park. Look around for a park that has multiple attractions and walk around. Enjoy the outdoors together and play some family games like softball, frisbee golf, frisbee football, two-hand touch football or any other game your family enjoys playing together. You could even have a scavenger hunt for the kids.

What ever you do do as a family. The time you have with your children is way too fast. This bonding time is priceless to them and they won't forget the investment you made for them. Just hanging out at home can be fun and rewarding too, but remember to get them away from tv and distractions too. I hope this gives you some new ideas or helps reinforce some old ones.

Please leave comments on ideas you may have to share with others.


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