Ways to Efficiantly Learn to Play Guitar Hero

What is Guitar Hero?

I ask many of my friends if they ever play Guitar Hero. 90% of them usually say, "What are you talking about?", and it only breaks my heart, because this is truly a game everyone can enjoy. Now, you might say to yourself, why would anyone write something about a video game that is only a simulation that truly isn't that realistic? Well, because believe it or not, this game, in certain points of view, is more realistic than thought of.

Certain Guitar Techniques

Over the past 2 years, I've learned a little about learning how to play acustic guitar. Certain experiences have shown me that like many other instruments, guitar take A LOT of practice. Its the same way with Guitar Hero. You can't just pick a song and expect to play it on EXPERT mode. You need to start slow and easy. When you first get the game, play it one Easy mode to start. Like many artistic hobbies, there are Techniques that need to be figured out and practiced. One of the biggest helpful tecniques to learn for this game, is how to gold the guitar and how to sit with the guitar properly. It is possible to get certain bone and muscle injuries that can have a long-lasting effect if the postur needed for the guitar is not executed correctly.

Starting off EASY

EASY mode features 3 of the 5 colored buttons on the fret bored of the guitar, Green, Red, and Yellow. Easy mode is musch slower than the rest of the other difficulties, and has much less notes. Prefrebly, it is better that you choose easy mode for the first few times you play, or just until your familiar with the guitar and have a "nack" for hitting the notes correctly and are confiden that you can play, and are comfortable with the guitar.

Moving up to MEDIUM

On Medium, there are 4 of 5 buttons on the fret bored of the guitar used, Green, Red, Yellow, and Blue. Its faster than Easy Mode, and has more notes, it features double notes, or chords, where you have to hold down 2 buttons at one time. This difficulty is recommended after you've successfully beaten the game, or until you feel that you can confidently use your pinky for the blue button.

Wow, your getting GOOD!

On HARD, you have all 5 fret buttons. Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Orange. A most Challenging difficulty, and might it be added, that it can be quite painful for your hand if you do not execute the hitting the Orange fret button properly. Your fingers all have tendons in them, which are like little rubber bands that conect your muscles to your bones, and some of your tendons in your fingers are actually partially connected to each other. (Notice when you try to put down your pinky finger, your ring finger wants to go with it.) When stretching your piny out to that Orange fret button, you stretch your tendons, and that is the pain you get, that by the way, is very bad for your tendons.

Guitar Hero 3, the hardest song of all, on EXPERT!

You are a Guitar Hero Great!

On EXPERT mode, you are faced with the BIGGEST of all challenges, this is the hardest of all modes in the game. You are faced with terrifying fast speeds, numerous chords, and quick, hard to see short notes that are easy to miss. Here on the right of the reading, is a guy playing Through The Fire and Flames, by DRAGONFORCE, the hardest song in Guitar Hero 3, or out of all the Guitar Hero games, on EXPERT mode, this is INSANE!!!

Tips for the Orange Fret Button

In order to hit the Orange button properly, simply extend your pinky finger a little to the right, as opposed to the Blue button, were you only to press down with you pinky. Your fingers should be aligned as so; Index Fnger, Green Button; Middle Finger, Red Button; Ring Finger, Yellow Button; Piny Finger, Blue Button. It is much easier to hold your thumb right in the center of the Fret Bored when extending your pinky finger to the Orange Button.

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BrandonBailey 2 years ago from Toledo Ohio

May I make a suggestion on your Orange Button Tips section?? A technique which is a lot easier once you get the hang of it is to slide your hold hand over one fret, so that your index is on red, middle on yellow, etc. It is a lot faster and more comfortable to move your index over to green than it is to move your pinky to orange.

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