My husband wants a GPS system for hunting, what kind would you recommend?

For hunting/hiking purposes, I have always had the best of luck from the Garmin brand(E-trex). Preferably you want one that you can update maps with from a PC, and also make sure its waterproof and rather rugged. Also check on the signal strength of the GPS as well, and make sure it has decent coverage. Nothing worse then getting into a ravine and losing the signal.

Adding a way-point is essential as well, plus a good solid yet bright display. Waypoints are so when one leaves the truck, they mark a waypoint at that location, or can pre-program a waypoint. This allows that no matter where you end up, you can get directions back to your starting point.

Multiple waypoints are handy as well. If he should need to go back and get something, make a way-point where his friends are, go back to where he needs to get, then track back to his friends. Its also nice to have for hiking or any other outdoor activity.

Also check for carrying cases, battery life, and if possible, car chargers. That way it can be charging on the way to the field.

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CennyWenny 8 years ago from Washington

Thanks, the tip about the waypoints is really handy!

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