Gardening To Save Money

Gardening is very beneficial for everyone, for many reasons. Many people, however, overlook the money savings involved in gardening. A few seeds can save you a lot of money. You don't even need a lot of space. A pot of soil on your balcony or deck is sufficient.

The most prolific vegetable I know of is zucchini. Plant a couple of seeds and you will have zucchini coming out of your ears. You can eat if fresh for a few months in the summer and fall. When you get tired of it, you can freeze it. Shred it and freeze in one cup portions for zucchini bread all year. One loaf of zucchini bread provides breakfast for my whole family. You can also dice the zucchini and freeze in small portions for stir-fry all throughout the year. Freeze large quantities of diced zucchini for soup in the cold winter months. All of this from a couple of seeds.

Do you carve pumpkins in the fall? Why not save a few seeds from your pumpkin and plant them the next year? Growing your own pumpkins is easy, and it is fun for children. You can use pumpkins for much more than Halloween decorations though. We carve our pumpkins on October 30th. On November 1st I puree and freeze the pumpkins in one cup portions. I then use this puree for the best muffins ever. You can also use this to make pumpkin pie or mix it into pancake batter. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip bread makes a great gift for the holidays. An added benefit is all the vitamins and nutrients in the pumpkin. All out of a few seeds.

Cucumbers are another easy to grow favorite of ours. A few seeds will provide us with cucumbers for many months. I will also make pickles to have throughout the year. You provide the sun and water and you can have a bountiful crop that will save you a lot of money at the grocery store. Speaking of grocery store, if you have vegetables planted in your yard, then you won't have to make a trip to the grocery store to buy them. This saves money spent on gas and your time.

One benefit of eating fresh vegetables will show up in your health, likely reducing your healthcare costs. There are many, many benefits of gardening, but my favorite is the money I save each year as I eat my home grown vegetables everyday. This is such an easy, satisfying way to save money.


Thanks to Yahoo Images for the picture.
Thanks to Yahoo Images for the picture.

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How To Save Money 9 years ago

I confess, im a man, though i help my mom do the gardening! nice read!

dafla 9 years ago

Jennifer, I thought I had already joined your fan club, but I guess not. Did it today, though.

Jeff Dahlberg profile image

Jeff Dahlberg 8 years ago from Minnesota

Good money saving tips. I love to garden. I will check out the rest of your hubs. Looks like you been here over a year. I just started this week. Check out my few hubs if you get a chance. Jeff

Oz Gardener 7 years ago

Great article, take the time to read mine at

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