Great Orange County Places To Eat For Families

Great Family Nights

As a father of two children, one being a very active young boy, we like to eat out at unusual and exciting places. One of our favorites is Johnny Rebs in Orange. It is located on Chapman just off the 55 freeway. It sits next to the Hobbit in a very unique store front.

Upon arriving you will feel like you have traveled to the south. The building is reminiscent of a southern shack. It looks run down and broken but I will tell you to not be mistaken by the stores looks. Inside you will find a great atmosphere with awesome and prompt service. The table have peanuts on them to eat as you please and the floor shows the signs of the cast off shells. Over the bar is a grand Moose head and the room is very warm and inviting. My son enjoys this place due to the atmosphere and fun staff. We really enjoy the prices as they are very well underpriced for what you receive. They are better in quality than Claim Jumper for around the same price if not less. We try to eat here at least once a month.

Another great place to take your kids during the day is a local fast food restaurant with an indoor playground. I find it very relaxing to take my son for a couple of hours on really hot days. He can play in the air conditioning and I can read a book or catch up on work. Either way I can feel safe knowing he is close by and he isn't going to overheat. If you watch what you order you can provide a pretty healthy lunch. This is what we do. We usually order milk and fruit for him to eat instead of the fries and soda. We like to use this as a reward for a task he has done so it make it more special for him. It can be good for you as well as I have met some interesting people at different stops. We enjoy Burger King off of Orangethorpe in La Palma. It is close to our house and offers us a great indoor playground.

A great place for us to go as a family has been Disneyland. We generally purchase annual passes every year so we can go when we want. We usually get the Deluxe pass as this gives us the biggest bang for our buck. We don't like the premium since we don't go on weekends during the summer due to the crowds. We add parking to our son, since one of us takes him every-time we go it give us free parking and we don't have to pay for both of us to get it. If you are wondering what about if you don't go at the same time to the park but want to meet up then you would have to pay the parking for one person. Well this is true but you can park in Downtown Disney and get up to 5 hours free parking if you get your parking pass validated. That can be accomplished by eating or shopping at one of the many vendors at Downtown Disney. We generally eat at La Brea bakery as we love the food and the Chef is a personal friend. They really pamper you there with fresh handcrafted bread and amazing food. Try their soup, it is usually amazing.

When we go to the parks we don't always stay for a long time. Sometimes we just go on a ride or two depending on the crowds. We have a few favorite places to eat. For ice cream, which you won't want to miss out on, try the place on main street in Disneyland or in the Railcar at California Adventure. The latter is usually less crowded. The cones are made fresh daily usually while you are in line, the ice cream is amazing and the sundaes are great. We also enjoy the corn dog stand at the end of main street next to where you get your photos. This is by far the best corn dog I have ever had. You will need cash since they don't take credit. But you get the biggest corn dog and it tastes awesome. I have been known to just go to Disneyland for a corn dog and leave. They are that good. The tiki room has amazing pineapple juice and a dessert that is to die for. If you are looking for a great sit down meal try the place next to Pirates of the Caribbean. It has great food with great service. It is a little spendy but most of Disneyland is. The best days we found to go are Tuesday and Thursday. We found that we can have more fun on those days. Sunday is the better weekend day so try for that day.

A fun activity with your family is Laser Tag. We have found a great place in Fullerton and they just opened a new one in Mission Veijo. Laser Quest is a great place to go. The cost is about $8 per game but the arena is huge. It has multiple levels and huge mazes. We have had a great time here. I have taken my youth group as well and they can arrange for some pretty cool private events if you need as well. The game is very fun as you run around in a dark maze arena trying to not get shot at and trying to shoot your opponents. My wife and I usually try to get each other. There are great light effects that keep the arena exciting and upbeat. I usually am very winded after a game and can usually only last two games. If you are in shape you could probably do more. They have multiple styles of games, from every one for themselves to team play they can customize a game for you. During the week they are less busy so you can pretty much have the arena to yourselves. But it is funner with a full game. I believe they can accommodate up to 36 players in the arena.

We also have found boomers to be a great place to go. You can get some great packages for your family or group. Some nights they have a package where you pay about $20 and get unlimited play or a set amount of time. Since it has different things to do, boomers can be great for families where it is hard to please each person. We like to play miniature golf and place bets on who is going to win. We do a family ceremony at the end and usually it's my son who wins. We give him a handicap. But boomers can be a lot of fun for everyone.

If you are looking for a great meal with entertainment for your kids. I would suggest the Pirate Dinner Experience in Buena Park. We have been to Medieval Times and the Pirate show but really enjoyed the Pirate show much more. The Pirate show starts out with an all you can eat appetizer buffet with every thing from crudite to shrimp. They have stations all over the hallways and bar area and you can help yourself to whatever you want. They start a pre-show in the bar that is pretty funny and entertaining then they split you into your colors and send you off to be seated. They have a rally in a room near the doors that is again funny and entertaining. The seats are fairly close together so be careful with how much stuff you bring in. I wouldn't recommend bringing an infant. The action is very close to where you eat as opposed to Medieval Times which has the arena area separating you. The ship is about 10 feet from the closests tables up to about 30 feet for the farthest. The Pirate you are assigned does a lot of the action right where you are sitting. My father and i were chosen to be in the show and went up to where the ship was. Some of the audience actually went on th ship. They do a very good job of telling a story and the action is great. They have a part that is reminisence of Cirque Du Soleil For the price it is a better deal than Medieval Times. I have heard that Medieval Times has changed their format and we will be visiting soon. I will update this hub with the information on what we found.

Please let us know in the comments if you have a great place for us to visit. We are always looking for new and exciting places. We will continue to give you are recommendations and ideas, so please check back with us often.

Also please leave a comment on this hub so we can create for your needs.

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Great Orange Coutny Places To Eat

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