Grey Siamese Cat

Variations Of Grey Siamese Cats

Cats are among the top pets that humans love to keep. Among the many various breeds of cats in the world, the Siamese cat is one of the most popular. There are several kinds of Siamese cats and they are usually differentiated by the color of their points. Siamese cats have an old history in which they are supposed to be guardians of a traditional temple or were exclusively kept by members of royalty in Siam.

Grey Siamese Cat

Grey Siamese Cat
Grey Siamese Cat

Standard Of Siamese Cats

Show standards of Siamese cats indicate that the cats must come in just four colors, seal, or extremely dark points, blue or cool grey Siamese cats points, chocolate points and lilac which are pale warm grey Siamese cats. All cats must have points or darker coloring in their extremities, namely the paws and lower legs, ears, snout, tail and in males, the scrota.

All Siamese cats must have almond shaped blue eyes and a creamy light colored base for their coats. In the earlier traditional breeds of Siamese cats, they had kinks in their tails and often had a cross-eyed appearance. Selective breeding soon got rid of the supposed imperfection although some die hard fans of the traditional Siamese cats have retained some breeds with the kinks and the cross-eyed looks. Fanciers of the traditional Siamese cats believe in keeping the traditional traits from Siam.

Why Are There Grey Siamese Cats?

The two kinds of grey Siamese cats are actually just variations in point colors. The blue or cool grey Siamese cats and the lilac or the warm grey Siamese cats are actually diluted versions of the seal point and the chocolate. These grey Siamese cats versions are lighter versions of the darker colored ones. Adult Siamese cats also tend to develop darker coats, as they grow older. In warmer climates, Siamese cats have lighter colored coats that those in colder climates which sometimes show grey Siamese cats.

Other than the varying colors of their coats, grey Siamese cats have little differences from their lighter colored younger counterparts in the warmer regions. The result of having grey Siamese cats may have something to do with the albinism effect of the points in the cats. Science has explained that the points of Siamese cats are the results of the extremities being the coldest areas of the cat. In colder regions, older coats tend to turn into darker or grey Siamese cats because they feel colder all over their bodies instead of the usual points.

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