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As a horror connoisseur and avid reader of Fangoria magazine I was very much anticipating the new HBO series True Blood. Executive producer Alan Ball has a wonderful track record, and the idea of vampires coexisting with regular humans seemed like an interesting concept. Unfortunately, it's not. After suffering through the first two episodes I must say that this is truly one of the most disappointing things I have ever seen on television.

The story centers around a young, innocent to the horrors of the world waitress named Sookie (yes, I puke a little bit every time I say that name) who works at a dive bar in a small Louisiana town. Sookie (pardon me while I wash this chunk down) can hear people's thoughts for some reason, until a mysterious stranger enters the bar one evening who she just can't seem to read. Turns out this stranger is a vampire, the first one the locals can remember ever being in their small town. Fortunately, the vampires drink a synthetic blood concoction so they can live with regular humans without being a danger to them. The character whose name I prefer not to say becomes immediately fascinated with the stranger who is a dangerous yin to her virginal yang. This pairing didn't seem at all believable to me.

As for the theme of tolerance in True Blood, it is unfortunately made laughable by the stereotypical and somewhat offensive characters. The dialogue is painful, the scares nonexistent and the vampires completely unoriginal. I somewhat forgave the pilot episode since it had to squeeze in exposition and introduce all the main characters, but when the second episode hadn't improved I had to give up. If anyone has made it to episodes three and four, let me know if it's gotten any better. Part of me still wants this series to turn itself around and be good.

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Reynolds_Writing profile image

Reynolds_Writing 8 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

I have to kindly disagree with your assessment of True Blood. When I first heard abut the series, I questioned why we needed yet another vampire show. While on a business trip I "fell into" watching it and was immediately hooked. After seeing episode 4, I came home from my trip and stayed glued to my TV to watch episodes 1-3. The show is funny, sexy, interesting and unique. It’s the first new show I’ve been excited about in a long time.

Whitey profile image

Whitey 8 years ago from Oswego, IL Author

I did just watch the third episode and I have to admit it was getting better. Maybe after a couple more episodes I'll change my tune, but I really did not like the pilot.

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