Halloween Safe Ideas

Well I have two kids, one is five and the other is eight months. It is very important to...um...my wife that we have a safe halloween. Well here is our typical halloween and it has been the best way to keep our child safe for the past five years. We have found that going to a local church festival has been the best. They generally provide games, activities and food for our kids to enjoy. It is also confined into the parking lot and roped off so our child can stay close by. Also you can trust the candy as it comes from a church. The one near our house does a great job with the theme and activities. They seem to get better every year. We love the fact that it is safe for our child and my wife can rest easy, which means I can rest easy. Funny most of us dads don't think as safe as our wives. At least I don't. I know I need to be better at that so I do appreciate the stressless night of my son wandering in an area I can keep my eye on him. I also know he is going to get enough candy to last for a while.

Another idea is to take your kid to the mall. This is great cause you don't ever have to worry about the weather and the same thing about trusting the candy applies here. Most businesses do fun things for the kids as well. Call your local mall to see what times they have available for the kids.

Theme parks are great as well and can provide another safe place but tend to be pricey. Some are not meant for kids, like Knotts Scary Farm. They do things during the day for kids so you can do a fun activity there and then go do something at night.

Not as many people do house to house like before, but if you do becareful. Bring flashlights and have glow sticks on your kids so you can identify them as you walk house to house. I would not recommend this as much as a local harvest festival.

But whatever you do, remember to have fun with you kid. They can be very memorable activities for both you and your spouse. Have a safe and sane Halloween


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