Hauntings At The Imperial Casino Hotel


Located at 3rd Street and Bennett Avenue, The Imperial Casino Hotel was built in 1896 during the reconstruction of Cripple creek. A gold mining town, Cripple Creek is located in the state of Colorado. In 1890 the town was destroyed by 2 fires that completely leveled it to the ground.

Originally named the Collins Hotel, it changed owners several times during its first few years of existance. In 1910, a English man named George Long purchased the hotel and changed the name of it to the Imperial Hotel.

George Long lived in a room at the Imperial with his wife and children. His oldest daughter, Alice, suffered from some kind of mental illness. She would have violent fits of rage in which she would scream and wildly fling herself around. During these outbursts, George and his wife would lock her in a room, away from the hotel guests. In 1930, she attacked her father from behind and murdered him on the stairs that led to the basement. For her crime, she was placed in an institution for the rest of her life.

Since his untimely death, George Long's restless spirit has been seen here at the Imperial Hotel. Some hotel employees and visitors alike have seen the well dressed, balding spirit throughout the property. It is believed that George is a friendly spirit and only wants to be left alone.

In 1992, the Imperial was renovated to fit a new casino and restaurant. During this renovation, supernatural phenomena began to pick up. Tools and items that were being used for the renovation were moved and placed in strange places by an unknown source. On one occasion, when the Casino was closed, the security guards heard one of the brand new slot machines going off. When they got to the machine that was making the noises, it began to spit out coins as if it were paying off a winner. The next day, the machine was inspected and no reason could be found for why the machine mysteriously gave out money. On another night, security guards were called to investigate banging sounds coming from one of the hotels rooms. When they opened the door to the room where the noises were coming from, the noises stopped and nothing and nobody was found in the empty room. To this day it is still unknown what or who caused the disturbance.

Reports of water being turned on or off in the sinks and doors opening and closing on their own still come in to this day. People believe that this might be George's way of letting people know that he is still around.

If you need a place to stay while in Colorado, a place to do some gambling, or just looking for a ghost or two, the Imperial Casino Hotel is a great place to do all three.

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