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Vitex, otherwise known as Chaste Tree, is a wonderful herbal supplement that supports menstrual and menopausal health. For years I suffered from irregular cycles, with heavy bleeding. People had recommended Vitex for months before I got up the courage to try it. It has made such a difference that I have not looked back since.

Vitex is a plant found in Asia and Mediterranean countries. The dried fruit is the part that is used in medicine. For 2500 years Vitex has been used by women. Vitex helps in a wide range of female problems from hemorrhaging at birth to fertility. It has been known to reduce PMS symptoms such as breast tenderness and cramping. Vitex regulates the hormones by raising progesterone levels (indirectly, because Vitex is not a hormone). Many fertility problems are a result of low progesterone, which is why Vitex helps in the fertility department.

I have found that taking Vitex has helped to regulate my cycles and made them shorter. It also greatly reduced the amount of bleeding I have each cycle and who is going to complain about that, right? It is also called Chaste Tree, because long ago they thought that it suppressed libido, but that has not been found to be true today.

You should take two capsules of Vitex twice a day to get the full effect. It can take up to three months to start making changes in your body, which is one of the reasons I waited so long to try it. I had hoped for a quick fix. You have to be very consistent in taking Vitex each day or I have noticed that it affects my cycle. You can find Vitex at most health stores; however I have found it much cheaper to order in bulk online through Puritans Pride.

If you are pregnant or nursing you should not take Vitex! If you are having trouble with your cycle, try Vitex for a few months and see if it helps. Because it is an herbal supplement the side effects are minimal. Mild digestive upset might be a problem; however I have found that taking it immediately after a meal prevents that. A skin rash is the other more common side effect. Good luck!

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Willow Sidhe profile image

Willow Sidhe 8 years ago

Great hub! I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and take vitex daily. I have a regular cycle, no pain, and regular ovulation. When I was first diagnosed, the doctors tried to give me synthetic hormones with pages and pages of side effects. However, chaste tree berry has healed me and kept me healthy without ANY adverse side effects. I highly recommend it to anyone with menstrual problems. Thanks for the great information. :)

trina 6 years ago

i have been taking Vitex i have received immediate results after just taking it for a week i started taking in on the 18th of march and i have gotten my period within a week of taking Vitex this stuff works and i have mild eczema of the skin and it actually has lessened the eczema. Bleeding is still heavy, boobs feel worse during menstral but ovulation is there and regular. i have to say that my ovulation is not as bad as it was. i used to be doubled over in feedal position now just my boobs really hurt and the bleeding a lite to mediate red and i love taking this Vitex product ive had problems for years with heavy cycles of menstral. I would recommend trying one to two tables per day to start out and see how it works for you then try the recommended amount on the bottle for the full effects. Drink losts of water, cranberry juice, eat before taking the pills and watch for side effects though there might be none. just be very careful. thanks lots hope everythings well with everyone.

cherry aiken 6 years ago

I have a problem getting pregnant and I had 5 miscarriages,

I took vitex for 8 months. I got pregnant had miscarriage

after 6 weeks I got pregnant again. And I had full term

pergnancie,and a healthy baby boy name Blaze. Thank God for t the wonderful gift.

herbal supplements 6 years ago

informative thx for sharing,

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EnLydia Listener 6 years ago

Thank you for this article...I have just got done searching all over the internet for info about irregular menses for my youngest daughter...and came across this by googling....Did you have any side effects to it?

Jennifer profile image

Jennifer 6 years ago Author

EnLydia - I have not had any side effects at all.

guest 6 years ago

I took it for almost one year and my periods got closer together, but I stopped taking it because it stopped working. It's been two and a half months since my last period and I'm not pregnant.

Kat 6 years ago

I have been taking vitex for only 2 months now and i have noticed a considerable difference, i would bleed for 1 to 2 weeks with spotting inbetween, and the Dr.'s just rulled it down to the fact that i have lost so much weight,but since i'v been taking it the spotting has stoped, and my last period was only 3 days. yea!!!im happy!

misstia0113 5 years ago

I just bought some vitex today from vitamin world. So im going to give it a try hope it works!!! I haven't had a period in over 2 years and when i was having them they was always irregular. The DR said that I have a high prolactin level so im hoping vitex will help me lower prolactin, start my period again, and maybe help me conceive!!

Bob Woolmer 5 years ago

Nice, and thanks for sharing this info with us. Good Luck!


anzar 5 years ago


I like the result of Vitex/Chaste Tree


kindly be in touch for more business.


Dana 5 years ago

I took Vitex to balance my hormones after 13 years on the BCP. I had a short leutal phase....I took it and was pregnant in three weeks. I did continue is until 16 weeks pregnant, under the supervision of my midwife! I am so thankful for this herb and the midwife who helped me find it! Praise God for Life!

Ayurvedic Supplements 5 years ago

Thank you for sharing this information

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Gata 5 years ago

After taking vitex for 2 weeks in alredy o.ing im so exited cant wait to test for a ppt

teanna 4 years ago

i want to try vitex but i'm not sure if it would work for me. my husband and i have been trying for a baby for nine months. m my period are regular but i have low progesterone? any advice?

Jessica 4 years ago

I have been taking vitex for the past 4 months or so for terrible menstrual cramps that include nausea and vomiting. It worked beautifully until this last cycle. It may be in part because I did not eat as well as usual and had more alcohol the previous month. Doe anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Should i up the dose, take a break .. ? (besides obviously eating better and not drinking :-p

Jennifer profile image

Jennifer 4 years ago Author

Teanna, I don't think you are supposed to take Vitex if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

Jessica, one thing I have found is that I have to make sure I take the exact same amount at the same time everyday. If I miss a few or a day or whatever it will throw my cycle off.

TTC410mnths 4 years ago

Some people are now taking Vitex the 1st trimester so their progesterone don't drop suddenly & they miscarry. (She has a midwife if you notice in her statement.)

TTC410mnths 4 years ago

that's if you're referring to Dana

Jennifer profile image

Jennifer 4 years ago Author

TTC410mnths - I see the comments above on taking it when pregnant. I am not a doctor and don't know for sure if it is safe. If you are pregnant you must talk to your doctor or midwife to find out what herbal supplements are safe to take during pregnancy.

marichon 2 years ago

where to buy this?answer please...!!!

Kelly 2 years ago

Have been taking less than a week and I have not started my cycle yet and should have by yesterday and breasts are sore! Typical side effect???

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