Holiday Activities: For Kids Only!

What Are Your Children Doing Now?

So, what are your kids doing during their school break? Are they mere playing computer games and getting bored? Here are ways to keep them productive:

1. Find out what your kids talents, interests and potentials are. There nothing worse than doing what you don't like. That's why when kids are asked to do some activities, they end up either finishing it because they want to please their parents or they don't finish it at all. The bottomline is they're not happy about what they did.

2. Check the internet for computer tutorials on kid's programming or website building. These are free but you need to help your child discover what they would like to write about. This summer, my daughter opted to learn html. She's doing one on the Jonas Brothers which she really likes. As a sign of support to her, I am currently looking for some data which she can use for her site. Last year, she learned to play the recorder on her own.

3. Go on a trip to a place which your kid likes. Consider what you and your child have in common so that noone gets really bored.

4. Organize sleep overs. Prepare some movies, games and other stuff. But be original. Perhaps you can arrange for them to camp in your lawn?

5. Teach them to cook or make them attend baking classes. It's fun when kids learn to make their own meals because they get to reap the rewards of their labor right away.

These are just some of them. I'm sure there are others which will be of interest to your child. To summarize you just have to know what they like and let them do it. With ample supervision of course.

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microely 8 years ago

Howdy, Jane:

Know what you have a nice intel out there... after reading this article of yours, i was thinking of my children also, maybe i could spend sometime with them having this kind of activities you've shared.

Thank you Jane. May the force be with you.

Cheers! | microely(-_-)soft's | soft's-aware

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