Hostel Jobs

Hostel Jobs

Working at backpacker hostels (sometimes called "youth hostels", though they are generally for all ages) is a great way to work while traveling.

Generally, working at a hostel is a work-exchange position, though some hostel do pay a wage also. Working as a hostel manager can actually pay a good salary: $40,000 to $90,000 (USD) per year is possible at larger hostels.

How to Get a Hostel Job

Here are some steps to finding a hostel job:

  1. Decide on the location where you would like to work
  2. Search Google for hostels in that city
  3. Find for hostels' own websites
  4. Send e-mail to the hostels inquiring about employment opportunities
  5. If you don't have previous experience, it may be more difficult to find jobs remotely. In that case, you may want to find a hostel to work at a nearby city for a few months in order to gain experience and a good letter of recommendation.

Remember to do a good job at to use the opportunity to learn as much about the industry as possible. If you can build a reputation as a good employee, working at hostels can open up many fantastic opportunities for traveling around the world.

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Hostel Job in Washington DC 6 years ago

Work/Exchange Opportunity in Washington DC - free accommodations for 6-mo internship!

Are you a well-traveled individual looking for a creative environment of international students & interns? Our hostel is always looking for energetic personalities to add to the great atmosphere in our student community. We give you the chance to be part of a rapidly-growing company with opportunity for growth while giving you the amazing opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

Please note that we require potential resident assistants to have extensive travel experience outside of North America in addition to being fluent in one other language.

Resident Assistants are unpaid and receive free dormitory accommodations (shared by other resident assistants) in exchange for helping out part-time. It's the perfect situation for undergraduate & graduate students, interns, and international expatriates to experience an exciting environment. The position is a combination of typical university RA responsibilities mixed in with receptionist duties. A resident assistant is responsible for the following tasks:

* checking in new students, collecting payments

* organizing group events, welcoming guests

* running errands for the manager, answering phones

Each Resident Assistant is expected to be on duty for 30 to 35 hours in a given week as well as being on-call for an additional 2 shifts. The shifts are scheduled around your other commitments (school, part-time work, internships).

For more information and to submit your application, please visit

sean 6 years ago

hi, im looking to work in a hostel anywhere in the world i'm a 22 year old from canada looking for a hostel position or any job that can take me abrod e-mail if interested

gisele 6 years ago

we need a volunteer to work in backpackers ceara hostel in fortaleza, brazil, as recepicionist and give info to the guest  5 years ago

work: 14 hours per week

Jaimecrazyhouse is looking for people that are interested in working 14 hours a week. . What we are looking for is people that have an attitude to work at whatever the hostel needs . . Anything less than 1 week will not be considered. In exchange for working in the hostel you will be allowed to live in the hostel free of charge with all of the same rights as other gues free

Freeloader Requirements -

A understanding of English.

mas info:


ledillaaldea 5 years ago

Aldea hostel is looking for volunteers to work in exchange for lodging and breakfast

Excellent work environment

Opportunity to meet San Jose Costa Rica and learn Spanish

Enough free time to study or travel to see the wonders of the country

Being part of the best hostel in San Jose

Email Us

Phone Number (506) 22336365

Kellie 5 years ago

Job Title: International Sales Director for SA-Trails

Location: Traveling position throughout South America

Position Overview: SA-Trails is a groundbreaking new business operating in the tourism, real estate, and web services spaces. We are breaking down the barriers to independent travel in South America and making the road less traveled more accessible. By aggregating travel trends around the continent we are able to pin point areas in which our logistical and informational services may assist both present and future travelers. Our International Sales Directors are responsible for growing and nurturing a network of accommodation providers who assist us by incorporating the SA-Trails portal into their wi-fi and public computer access. The portal serves as our point of contact with thousands of travelers per day and increases the efficiency of operations for affiliate hostels while making the rest of the SA-Trails program possible. International Sales Directors travel the entire continent establishing relationships with independent hospitality centers of all kinds across a range of destinations, from Patagonia to Manaus, from Santiago to Columbia. If you like to travel, enjoy the company of travelers, seek to be part of an exciting and expanding company, and genuinely appreciate representing a quality service; this is the position for you.

Job Functions

• Work directly with the SA-Trails administrative team to create a sales tour that takes you across South America.

• Travel to hotels and hostels establishing a face to face relationship with owners and management.

• Transmit both the short and long term goals of the project and benefits of affiliation to a range of accommodation and transport providers.

• Serve as primary representative of SA-Trails before and after affiliate enlistment.

• Assist in the development of advertising and marketing strategies and materials, including web-based promotion, client reviews and social media.

• Physically configure internal networks of new affiliates and monitor compliance (training provided)


• Spanish OR Portuguese Fluency as well as English proficiency – ability to communicate in both languages with minimal translation assistance.

• Technical savvy and Internet literacy.

• Full acceptance of responsibility for cash accounts, actions, and their consequences.

• Creativity and ability to think outside of the box

• Ability to take initiative and work efficiently under pressure.

• Entrepreneurial spirit and ability to respond to new challenges in a proactive manner.

What you will gain

• Experience with an internationally recognized, successful and innovative business.

• Spanish/English skills and exposure to other languages from around the world.

• Knowledge of the inner workings of travel destination marketing in the digital age.

• Understanding of small business organization and real world entrepreneurialism.

• Team building skills in multi-cultural work and leisure settings.

Compensation and Benefits

• Full payment of transport and accommodation for the entirety of engagement.

• Monthly stipend for incidentals and favorable commission structure for conservatively estimated salary over $25,000 yearly.

• Travel insurance is optional and the responsibility of the employee to obtain.

Please submit your resume and cover letter to

Pierre Drake 5 years ago

Now we are currently looking for people who interesting to be one of our team for this season, as positions:




Salary, OT, Social Security

Accommodation and Food

1 day off per week

Contact and Tel: 083 138 7472

The Yellow 4 years ago

The Yellow, "the most popular hostel in rome" (Hostelworld awards 2012), is now hiring for a variety of positions.

Receptionist, security, party curator, animator, blogger and a whole lot more.

Experience the culture, the language, the people, surrounded by an international crowd in the eternal city.

Head over and apply now!

veronica 4 years ago

hola me llamo veronica soy de españa y quiero irme ha edimburgo quisiera trabajar a cambio de alojamientoalguien me puede ayudar mi correo es vivelavida.83@hotmail.comhello my name is Veronica I am of Toledo (Spain) I have 28 years and I have really wanted to work in Edinburgh and better than expectations ustedes.mis are learning English and working and change from country to know other ways of life change that I would be very grateful bring forth information to be part of your shelter thank you very much and I hope your answer

Adam Newman 4 years ago


Please send information ablut your hostel in Fortaleza I am extremely interested! Email me

Danika 4 years ago


I am a 21 year old Canadian who is looking for a job abroad (preferably in a hostel ) . I creative, funny, responsible and self-motivated. I love to experience new cultures and meet people from all over the world.

Please contact me at

paula 3 years ago

Hello, i would like to travel to spain, italy and london, i´m actress and presenter, i have good skills for the comunication and i could work, i´m very responsable, transparent, i have a lot of energy and enthusiastic. My dream is travel and meet a lot of people and cultures. I speak spanish perfectly because i´m from argentina. I´m looking for a job in europe in august and i can stay 3 months !! please contact me


Estefania 3 years ago

Hello, I ´m spanish and I would like to travel to England, Ireland or another place to work in a hostel or hostel. I have the degree of Tourism and my level english is intermediate. i am friendly, honest, polite and easy going person. i could start in january.

Please, contact me


Beatriz 3 years ago

Hola mi nombre es Beatriz, en enero voy a manchester me gustaría encontrar un hostal que me de alojamiento a cambio de trabajo, mi ingles es medio.

rocio 3 years ago

Hola mi nombre es Rocío, me gustaría viajar a cualquier parte del Reino Unido, para trabajar a cambio de alojamiento y aprender inglés.

Mi inglés es de grado medio.

Mónica 2 years ago

Hi, I´m looking for a job in England. I don´t mind the place. I would like to improve my English during the summer. Please contact with me:

Ana Rodríguez 2 years ago

Hello, My full name is Ana Rodríguez, I'm Spanish and I'm 33 years old. I would like to work in exchange for housing.

I am friendly, honest, polite and easy going person. I could start in March.

My level English is basic.

Please, contact me

Rosana & Joxerra 2 years ago

We are Joserra and Rosana, a 30 years old couple from Spain. We are very interesting in exchange work for accomodation.

Both have experience working in an accommodation centre, where we worked cleaning rooms, serving meals, gardening and in the general maintenance of the centre.

Also we worked as volunteer in Ireland and Ecuador doing several tasks: helping in the kitchen, cleaning, gardening and teaching in school. We therefore have good experience living and sharing with other people.

We are enthusiastic hard work couple that want to learn new skills and have new experience working in other countries. We are very adaptable and responsible people.

Alexande 2 years ago

Hi, my name is Alexander from Peru. I am a traveller and I a looking for a job in a hostel. I speak spanis, english, portugues and a little italian.

I was teacher of portuguese and spanish in Mexico, I worked in Panama in a hotel and restaurant, now I am in Colombia working in a hostel.

I am polite, clean, quiet but, I speak a lot of. :)

I will be go to Brazil, if has a job for me... I will be happy.

I am a dancer and singer too, had study musical theater in Peru, Brazil and Mexico.

I am good cocking and I love it.

My email is

If you are interesed about me write me. I wanna meet all countries,

Noemi 2 years ago

hola mi nombre es Noemi quiero viajar a Brasil para trabajar a cambio de alojamiento y practicar portugués mi nivel de portugués es intermedio

Carlos García Chaves 2 years ago

Hola, Soy Carlos y estoy muy interesado en el trabajo en hotel en el extranjero.

Tengo 44 años de edad y necesito aprender inglés y trabajar fuera de España.

Muchas Gracias y espero una repuesta positiva por vuestra parte.

Telf.- 603230385

Daniel Puertas Castro 2 years ago

Hola soy Daniel, soy licenciado en ciencias del deporte y llevo en Inglaterra, solo dos semanas. Estoy tratando de buscar un trabajo ya sea remunerado o solo una acomodación. Mi intención es mejorar mi nivel de ingles y vivir la experiencia. Interesados pongánse en contacto a través de mi e-mail: danipuertas11@hotmail.

Espero su respuesta

Melisa Oliveto 2 years ago

Hi, I am Melisa, I´m from Argentina, I´m 32 years old and I´m looking for a job in a hostel, I really love hostels and the different kind of persons that you can meet there. I would like to improve my English level too, if it´s possible and to continue travelling around the world so any place of the world would be a great opportunity for me!

My e-mail address is:

alfonso 2 years ago

Hola me llamo A lfonso,mi nivel de ingles es intermedio pero comprendo el idioma perfectamente.Tengo experiencia en hosteleria y he hecho un fpe de cocina en escuela de hosteleria de jerez.Me gustaria trabajar en hotel de reino unido.

Alfonso 2 years ago

Hola me llamo alfonso tengo nivel de ingles hablado alto y fpo de cocina y me gustaria trabajar en hoteles en reino unido.

Polliane 2 years ago

Olá, meu nome é Polliane, tenho curso superior, inglês intermediário e espanhol básico , gostaria muito de trabalhar viajando pelo mundo , espero uma resposta. Telefone: 31-84175215 / 33931511. Brasil

Arthur 2 years ago

olá, meu nome é Arthur Baranovska, tenho ensino medio completo, inglês avançado, gostaria muito de trabalhar em alguns hostels pelo mundo, se possível contato para trabalho estou disponível no email:, e no celular: 21 998193559 Rj/Brazil


Aman Goyal 22 months ago

Hello. My name is Aman Goyal. I am a Computer science graduate, photographer and entreupreneur. i have been looking for a job in hostel in Brazil, through which I can explore brazil. I am very hard working. Eager to interact with new people and learn about different nationalities. I can also work as a web developer in hostel.

My email id is

Send me opportunities

Thank you

Hostel A Cachete 22 months ago

Estamos aceptando voluntarios que deseen ser parte de la familia de Hostel A Cachete, si están inresado(a) comunícate a, o bien al 2225 0481. Estamos ansiosos por conocerte!

---------------------------------- O -------------------------------------------------

We are accepting volunteers to be part of the family of Hostel A Cachete, if you are interested get in contact at, or at 2225 0481. We look forward to meeting you!

Lucas de souza 21 months ago

Hi, my name is Lucas , all right? I'm from Brazil

Lucas 21 months ago

Hi my name is Lucas, all right? Well I am from Brazil, I live in Canada currently , I have inglish basic and fluente in Portuguese. I am A nature lovers , adventurous and a have a lot of willingness to travel! And experiences new places and gain new experiences! Tank you.


Tatiane 21 months ago

Sou brasileira,tenho 33 anos e estou começando a aprender inglês.

Gostaria de ter experiência em trabalhar em hostel,ate mesmo na minha região,Ceará. Tenho interesse em fazer amizades de todo o mundo.


Núria from Valencia 20 months ago

Hi, my name is Núria. I'm from Valencia ( Spain ). I'm 48 years old. I need to learn English this summer, mainly speak with native speakers. I have one month for free and I would like work in a hostel or another similar place. I know cooking and cleaning. I think it will be interesting!!


Ariel L Sun 19 months ago

Hola mi nombre es Ariel, estoy buscando trabajar en hostels para de esa manera viajar, me gustaria trabajar en Brasil y pasises de latinoamerica.

Hablo ingles fluido y portugues intermedio. Tecnico en computacion, fotografo y barman. Mail Face Ariel l Sun Muchas Gracias!

Camila Carvalho 19 months ago


Sou brasileira, tenho 26 anos e estou com um projeto de ficar 3 anos viajando pelo mundo. Meu nível de inglês é básico e espanhol é regular (suficiente para conversação).

Estou procurando trabalho em hostels de qualquer parte do mundo. Sou formada na área de Tecnologia da Informação, mas gostaria de experimentar novas experiências e a vivência em hostels me proporcionaria isto.

Meu contato é:


Pink House Hostel 16 months ago


We are looking for 1 or 2 volunteers for work with us for one or two months, starting NOW!! Our hostel is located in the center of Tarifa (SPAIN) just a few meters from the beach!! Accomodation and breakfast in return. Spanish and english are a must, and any other languages are welcome!! Write us: See you soon!

Buscamos a 1 o 2 voluntarios para trabajar con nosotros durante los meses de septiembre y/o octubre. Nuestro hostal se sitúa en el centro de Tarifa (España) a tan sólo unos minutos de la playa! Ofrecemos alojamiento y desayuno, y se valorará el conocimiento de idiomas, español e inglés son indispensables! Escríbenos a

patricia gomes 15 months ago

hi..sou portugesa tenho 18 anos adora viajar pelo mundo ( eu sei falar ingles basico estou aprender a frances ) estou a procura de sair e de descobrir novas coisas

Paola 14 months ago

Hola, soy de Costa Rica, estoy buscando un Hostel en España, a cambio de trabajo, soy instructora de Pilates y Yoga.

Lucía 14 months ago

Hola estoy buscando trabajar en un hostel, tengo facilidades con temas audiovisuales, realizo videos de todo tipo y saco fotos. Me interesa aprender

Pedro 5 weeks ago

Hola! soy ingeniero forestal de Peru y voy a hacer un doctorado sobre turismo en Gran Canaria. Comienzo en Marzo 2017. Me gustaria trabajar en hostels los primeros meses. Hablo ingles, frances, portugues y español.

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