Household Tips: Sock Stuck in a Vacuum

Okay, I know you're thinking that this is really weird but it did happen to me this morning. lol

So you have some small clothing stuck in the hose of your vacuum ?!

You could try :

Taping a fish hook or some other hook like thing to a straightened out coat hanger. See if you can push it up the hose then hook it to the small piece of clothing.

Or . . .

Get a broom handle a push it down the hose, but make sure you stretch/extend out the hose if you don't do this your chance of ripping it goes way up.


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glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California

Cute! I can't say this has happened to me yet, but if I does, I'll have this resource :)

Estelle profile image

Estelle 8 years ago from England Author

lol, I had never thought that this would ever happen until I vacuumed a sock! Had the hardest time till I researched it! =) Thank you for stopping by!

Cybermouse profile image

Cybermouse 8 years ago from Bentonville, AR

Well, I'm gonna forego mentioning the sock thing b/c I must admit, I have never gotten a sock stuck in the vacuum while cleaning my dorm room. I did want to ask you about your hubber name. Is it your real name? If it is I think that's really neat. It's a beautiful name, whether you picked it yourself as your hubname or whether it's your real name. I've liked that name ever since I read the play Great Expectations back in like 8th grade. Your name reminded me of it because the name Estelle is about all I remember from that play. No, wait--it was Estella. That's right. It's about the same, I think they both mean "star". But anyway, great name.

Cybermouse profile image

Cybermouse 8 years ago from Bentonville, AR

And I like the picture of the vacuum tube. Lol. It really does make the hub. Thinking back on most of my hubs, I probably could have found at least ONE picture for all of them.

The How To Hub profile image

The How To Hub 8 years ago from Australia

Oh this has happened to me countless number of times! The broom handle is without a doubt the best way to remove the blockage. Just be careful when it finally gives way, that you don't have the handle pointed towards your leg or face : ) yeah I was stupid enough to do both of consider it a warning - lol

betherickson profile image

betherickson 8 years ago from Minnesota

Nice one Estelle. I was also troubled about this a long time ago and by using a broom really did a great job.. :)

Brainstormer profile image

Brainstormer 8 years ago from Australia

Broom handle everytime.

Benjimester profile image

Benjimester 7 years ago from San Diego, California

Cut the tube in half, take out the sock, and apply the best invention of all time. Duct tape :)

copa-banana 7 years ago

my girl friend sucked in a sock today, and i was browsing the web and got to this site. We tried the methods, but unfortunately, it didn't work. Pushing using a broomstick didn't work, as it just compressed the sock more, and made it even harder to remove.

So, what we did was to plug the tube back into the machine, and continued sucking the sock out. after "massaging" <may be spelling typo here> the sock-congested area, we managed to loosen it a bit to allow the machine to suck it closer to the machine end, and once it got close, we shut down the machine, removed the tube, and used a long nose plier to pull the sock out! Man was i relieved. 1 sock saved and 1 unhappy girl friend avoided.

sabandgeek 7 years ago

yea we had a clog in the hose so i told my mom to rubberband a sock to a yardstick to push it out. BAD IDEA. sock is now stuck in the hose. so we used a broom handle and now using a garden hoe handle and it just keeps getting stuck worse and worse. we tried massaing it with it attached to the machine and no luck. we think we may need a new vacuum or new hose.

Lgali profile image

Lgali 7 years ago

very intersting hub idea

cayla 7 years ago

omg! ty haha cuz i just totally vacuumed up a sock and i didnt know how to get it out xD

cayla 7 years ago

omg! ty haha cuz i just totally vacuumed up a sock and i didn't know how to get it out xD

men are dorks profile image

men are dorks 7 years ago from Namibia

Don't worry, I've done way more bizarre or stupid things. I wont mention them as I might be the laughung stock of the century, but its a great idea for a hub... LOL

ps I love your lil birdies...

nekkie 6 years ago

I got a sock stuck in the vacuum today and my vacuums hose does not detach at both ends. So the end that did detach, I stuck a hanger in it and made a small(very small) l shape with a pliers at the end. Took several hours to maneuver but this worked. THANKS Estelle!

Becky  6 years ago

Ok I tried the coat hanger to unblock my vacum and now it is tuck up there! Any ideas???lol

marilyn 6 years ago

Wow. I love the internet! I thought my cleaning projects were done for the day when I sucked up a plastic grocery bag and it got stuck in the vacuum hose. Did a search on "stuck things in the vacuum" and was directed to this site. The broomstick idea worked perfectly. Thank you! Back to spring cleaning....

Mom in st louis 6 years ago

My 16 year old vacuumed up a sock. He tried the coat hanger, but failed. He tried a yard stick. Worked beautifully!

xXLycaonXx 6 years ago

Just sucked up two socks while vacuuming behind my bed, and couldn't figure it out. The hose has a bend at both ends, so the broom handle or butter knife wouldn't work, so I grabbed a coat hanger and hooked it in about 5 minutes. Great post =)

Mum ain australia 6 years ago

The rare time that my partner help me vacum and he sucks up a sock. I have been going out of my mind trying to get it out. It was caught right in the bottom of the cylinder. I used the fishing hook taped to the end of a broom handle and hooked the sock straight out. Thanku so much. You really can google anything.

Minnesota-USA 6 years ago

I made a hook from a wire coat hangar and masking taped it to the side of the broom handle with the hook part extending beyond the end of the broom handle by about one inch. Make the hook long enough at the other end, about eight inches, so you have room to securely tape it to the end of the broom handle. Insert the broom handle with the hook attached into the hose and gently rotate until the hook catches the sock. Elongate the hose so the inside of the hose becomes smoother. Gentle pull the sock out. If the hook doesn't catch the sock the first time, keep trying. It worked for me.

clearblue99 profile image

clearblue99 6 years ago from Clear Blue Sky

Try getting a shoestring undone, vacuum cleaner. A lot of fun that was

rob 6 years ago

tried using a broom handle but made the jam worse. Then I tried a garden hose. That didn't get the sock out, but I was able to use the broom handle to push the wet sock to the top of the hose handle. Then I used a wire coat hanger like a "corkscrew" and was able to remove the sock.

Ange 5 years ago

I just used a shop vac to suck out the sock - worked great!

hi 4 years ago

we tried the didn't work we tried the hanger and it...didn't work we tried for forever :(

Liv 4 years ago

Thank you so much! After trying for 30 minuets with the hanger, I decided to look it up. The broom worked!

Sunny 4 years ago

I have some rubbish stuck in my vacuum stick at the bottom and I don't know what to do I live in bearwood Birmingham and would wish to have something done about my vacuum stick please contact me on

Nathalie 3 years ago

OMG! I sucked up a sock trying to clean my room in a hurry. The vacuum gagged. I cussed. I immediately took the hose off and dug out the broom to jam it out, but it bunched up and stuck like a wad of gum. I cussed more. Then I used the Google and found your hub. With no wire hangers in the house (I'm a hanger snob) I wasn't sure what to do -- then I read copa-banana's post and ended up plugging the hose back in and massaging it to scootch the sock toward the end more. My son pulled it out and yelled "TA DAAA" like he'd done all the work. THANKS for the great suggestion! Great hub!

Ty 2 years ago

Man!!! I tried the broomstick...Fail!!! Then I gently pushed a wired hanger down the tube w/the hook on it, twisted it into the sock & began to pull. It took all of about 4 tries & the sock came right out w/out the hose being ripped!!! YAY!!!

irene 2 years ago

Having failed with the above suggestions, we used a screw hook screwed into the end of the broomstick. It took two people: one keeps the broomstick hooked onto the stuck clothing and keeps that under slight tension. The other stretches and massages the vacuum hose gently, simulating the way the oesophagus works when one swallows the food bolus. That causes the clothing to get moved down the hose gradually (under the stretching tension from the hook). Phew.

LA 8 months ago

Oh my goodness, the wirehanger actually worked for me! I have a dry vac and I had accidentally sucked up a fabric book cover, which got really stuck in my hose. I tried the massage technique, along with a 'cover one end of the hose with your hand, while the vacuum does the rest' (didn't work), and then I almost gave up on the wire hanger, if it wasn't for just trying and trying.

tracey 4 months ago

i was cleaning and talking to my friend , and as i turned to look at her i sucked a wet sock up the hose, put a pole down hose and that jamed it more so tried coat hanger, no luck, so took hose outside and walked up and down on hose, pluged it it and wam bam thank you mam, pulled the sock from the bag

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