How I Survive Two Boys Under Two


Its hard to imagine a stay at home mom's life with two children under the age of two. Is it hectic? Easy? Fun? Its fulfilling. At times it can be difficult, but I wouldn't change it for the world. Could you do it too?

Can I have a 15 minute break please?


With two boys under the age of two, an 18 month old and a 2 week old to be exact, its hard to find time to breath, let alone relax. How do I survive? I will explain all this and more so that other mothers out there can have an inside look at the life I live with two under two.

To an outsider, it seems silly to have the children so close together. Why wouldn't I want the oldest to be able to help me with the youngest? I guess its more about them being friends, not about one taking care of one another. That is what I am here for. I want them to grow up being best friends, sharing the experiences that life has to offer. I was never close with my sisters, and I regret that we did not really become friends until I was older. I do not want that for them. I want them to have the perks of knowing your best friend is your brother and that they will always have eachother's back. Another perk of having them so close, is I'll be about 40 when they are adults.

We probably go through about 10 to 15 diapers a day. One second I'm breastfeeding the youngest and the next second I'm making food for the oldest. The little one begins to cry and my bigger son starts to mess with our computer. My day is long and breaks really do not exist, but every day that goes by is 24 less hours I get to spend with my boys. I realize how soon they will grow up. Before I know it they'll be off to school, then college, then have families of their own. When I think of these things, its very easy to deal with the present. I know these are the moments I need to cherish.

Another way I get through the day is by trying to keep as much of a schedule as possible. I focus on housework I need to do when the youngest is sleeping and the oldest is playing independently. When they both sleep, so do I. My newborn is on a tight feeding schedule, so I try to work my 18 month old's eating schedule around that. When they are both awake, I try to play with them both so that they can interact with me and each other. I feel like this is the best way to show them that they are equals in my eyes.

Another survival technique I use is when "daddy" comes home, "mommy" gets a rest. Its only for a short while, but you'd be surprised how helpful it can be. I will either go on a little drive all by myself, take a quick relaxing bath, read a couple chapters in a book, write, or just go sit outside for a minute. Its kind of funny, you'd think I'd want all the time apart I can get, but once I am away from my fiancé and kids, I miss them more than ever! Weird how that works, huh?

There are many ways I am able to survive having two boys under the age of two. I consider myself lucky to be blessed with such "easy" children. I also have to credit my fiancé with all his help. I still have to use a couple tips to keep some sanity, but most of all a little patience and a lot of love go a long way.

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Christy 6 years ago

I enjoyed your take on 2 under 2. I'm having my second daughter in August, my first daughter will be 17 months old. I'm nervous but you are right, we have to cherish every moment.

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